Let's say I enter the following keystrokes:

1 + 1 RET M-p C-a

This adds 1+1, gets the result, then runs comint-previous-input and reenters the previous command. C-a moves to the start of the line ... but puts the point before the prompt, where the | is below.

# ———
[1] 2
|> 1 + 1
# ———

Is there a way to go to the start of the command, not the line? I'm often in a situation where I get something working and then want to assign it to a variable, and it would be nice to run M-p C-a and be able to type "foo <-" with everything in place. (Thereby saving me all the trouble of hitting the right arrow twice, which I know is trivial, but this is Emacs so I bet someeone has got this working, unless I missed it in the docs.)



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