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ESS doesn't load data. All it does is pass commands to R. It looks like the command is getting successfully passed to R, so ESS is not likely the problem. You can confirm this by running the code in an R terminal (i.e., outside of Emacs). If the file still won't load, then you can rule out ESS as the problem.

If this is true, then the problem is with R or your .Rdata file. One plausible explanation from stackoverflow[1] is that your .Rdata file, being quite large, may not have completely saved before R quit last time you used it. If that's the case, there may be no solution other than re-generating the data from scratch.

Another possibility is your .Rdata was created by a version of R that's different from the one you're using today. That sounds unlikely since you haven't manually updated your R version. Is it possible an automatic update happened over night? You could recover from this by re-installing the previous version of R.
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On Thu, Dec 23 2021, Rich Shepard via ESS-help wrote:

On Thu, 23 Dec 2021, Rich Shepard via ESS-help wrote:

Just now I upgraded ess-17.11 to ess-18.10.2. RData still doesn't load.

I re-installed R-4.1.2 and when I started ESS it still showed 17.11 rather
than the newly upgraded 18.10.2.

I'm stymied, beyond my R and ESS knowledge, and need to get some work done
ASAP. Help's needed.


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