I am trying to help even though I know little:

I used the approach in 
> The main function you need for this is polymode-export, bound to M-n
> e.
> The first time you run this, you’ll be asked which exporter you would
> like to use. There are two choices, markdown and markdown-ess.

So, if you choose markdown it will ask for format and then you can type
pdf or html, it will weave and then look for pandoc. I have this in my

   (concat "pandoc" " --from=markdown --to=html" " --standalone --
mathjax --highlight-style=pygments"))

You can see that it ignores the to=html and asks me every time. It also
igonres the title section, where I specify the output format. So, it
looks like polymode does not know how to read the title/yaml, but that
is not a big deal as you can set that in the dialog after M-n e


On Wed, 2022-09-07 at 17:03 -0400, Vincent Goulet via ESS-help wrote:
> Hi all,
> A large part of my work in Emacs involves editing Sweave (.Rnw)
> files. I was very much used to the tried, tested and true ess-noweb
> mode for this purpose.
> Now, in the development version of ESS that is required for Emacs 28,
> all the noweb stuff was gutted out and we're told to use polymode
> instead. For one thing, I think it's a pity that such fundamental
> interaction between R and Emacs (wasn't the whole concept of Sweave
> based off Emacs functionality?) is no longer part of ESS. I'd
> certainly vote for the return of noweb files support. (I understand
> that polymode brought improved support for RMarkdown files.)
> I'm probably late to the party, but can anyone give me a primer on
> polymode for Rnw files? (Not Rmd files, some oldies like me still
> rely on LaTeX and Sweave -- not even knitr!)
> I followed the polymode installation instructions and added the
> 'mode: poly-noweb' file variable to a .Rnw file. If I do 'M-n w' or
> 'M-n e' (what's the difference?), I'm first asked to select a weaver
> or an exporter. What's the answer? Pressing TAB does not offer any
> choice.
> What if I just want to compile the LaTeX file? In Emacs 27, ESS was
> connected to AUCTeX and the weave step was integrated into the
> compilation step (C-c C-c). Anything as streamlined with polymode?
> I also stumble into the following issues. First, as soon as I try to
> do anything in a .Rnw file, I get these error messages:
> Error during redisplay: (internal--syntax-propertize 2) signaled
> (error "Variable binding depth exceeds max-specpdl-size")
> Error running timer ‘show-paren-function’: (error "internal--syntax-
> propertize did not move syntax-propertize--done")
> Second, I ended up a few times with the following markers at the end
> of the file name in the modeline and in the mode display: HeadTail.
> I'm not too sure how to reproduce, but does this ring any bell here?
> System info: 
> Emacs Modified for macOS 28.1-modified-1, based on
> GNU Emacs 28.1 (build 1, aarch64-apple-darwin21.1.0, NS appkit-
> 2113.00 Version 12.0.1 (Build 21A559)) of 2022-05-11
> polymode 0.2.2 installed through MELPA
> Thanks in advance!
> v.
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