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My last post was mangled. The "Nor me" referred to a satisfactory output
of the R code - not to "haven't a clue"!

Are you using the latest ESS from git? And have you set the
"ess-startup-directory" to default-directory?

I retried with this and still have the problem. Here's how I did it, with current Org (d500b406fc) and ESS (01e7f5b482) source trees.

In the Org source, run "make repro".

In the *scratch* buffer, C-x C-e each of these lines (adjust path for ESS source as needed):

(add-to-list 'load-path "/usr/local/src/ESS/lisp")
(require 'ess-r-mode)
(require 'ob-R)

Load an Org file with this simple block:

#+begin_src R :results output :session *R*
x <- 2:4

C-c C-c on the begin line, say yes to executing the code, use the default for the working directory.

Results:  #+RESULTS line appears, but no output.

Change "output" to "value" and it works. Remove the :session argument and it works.

Kill Emacs, execute the Lisp as above, but this time add:

(setq ess-startup-directory 'default-directory)

Perform the other steps, and #+RESULTS is still empty.

I hope this may help narrow it down. There's some discussion on the Org list about this too:




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