On 5 February 2023 at 15:01, Sparapani, Rodney via ESS-help wrote:
| I don�t have 28 on this machine. I am using 26 since there is not much
| benefit upgrading.

I am really sorry but I cannot let this stand. It is too close to FUD.

As a general rule, newer *is* better. Features get added, bugs get fixed.

Now, whether to upgrade or not is a personal choice, people may have
different circumstances or constraints. But some systems _do_ make it both
simple and convenient, and I have worked on (and contributed to) such systems
for longer than a quarter century.  And I for one am enjoying Emacs 28, now
with an easily-installed .deb from Debian (thanks to Sébastien; I am running
the Debian .deb without any hiccups on Ubuntu) also with current(ish) ESS,
and it fabulous. In good part thanks to improved backend support (lsp server
comes to mind, but also rendering).

Yay for progress. Yay for volunteers taking care of these upgrades.


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