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Titouan Mesot <titouan.me...@infoteam.ch> writes:

> Thanks for your email. I had the same concern when I started working with
> Etherlab. I've also some patch (mostly EoE and SoE) but ... well I don't
> want to add a patchset as it's done now. For me the main question remain how
> to manage starting a new project on github but also keeping the sourceforge
> branch ?

That naturally depends on how Florian decides to work.

Worst-case (i.e. IgH continues to focus on their own work), we can
cherry-pick changes from their repo if/when that benefits our work.

But unless the IgH managed repository starts to accept community
contribution again, or we limit size of our "patchset", and thus limit
the amount of work we allow ourselves to do, it will at some point in
time become less relevant or realistic to cherry-pick from one
repository to the other.  It will end up as two forks.

But by deciding against forking, when not being able to get changes
merged, is practically the same as deciding not to be able to improve
the code.

> Do main contributors (Florian Pose, Philipp Weyer, Gavin ...) have an
> opinion on that ?

I really hope they do, and hope they will participate in the discussion

> Thanks to ask this question,

Thanks for voicing your opinion :)

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