we use  the ethercat master stack on your controller which is powerpc with 
It is running under linux with kernel 2.6.18 and xenomai patch.

You have to be a little bit more specific if you ask for performance data.
What do you want to do in 250us....
How many bytes to you transmit?
What does cycletime include master stack processing. control loop, transmission 

Ok - what we have seen...

Your implementation needs ~125us to process 50 bytes PDO data.
This includes ethercat stack processing and data transmittion to Ethernet 
So in simple works the ethercat part of one controller cycle.
But of course this highly depends on your implementation.


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who use ethercat masterstack with rt preempt and have a cycletime of 250us. 
What is the configuration and type of computer-/processor and which 
Linux-Kernel is used. What are the avg/max. latency? Did someone use a desktop 
environment, like cinnamon on the same computer ?

Best regards and thanks a lot for your reply.


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