You don't need any patches to get running.  

The patches I use are a CX2100 driver, some RTAI fixes (your using Xenomi), 
some patches to increase the performance of the SDO's and some distributed 
clock fixes.
It's only the distributed clock fixes which you will need at some stage, best 
to get them from Gavin's patchset as he keeps them up to date with the latest 
release.  Mine are a few years old now.

Looking at your log it looks like it is completely failing to configure the 
PDO's.  You also have a different drive to mine (Yours: 0x00000539, 0x02200301; 
 mine: 0x00000539, 0x02200001) so the PDO configuration may not be the same.  
To get the PDO's for your drive, repower your system (including the drive) to 
reset it, then use the "ethercat struct" command.  This will output the default 
PDO's required by the drive.

What is the results for the following commands:

ethercat struct         (after repowering the system, before running your app)

ethercat debug 1
<run your app>


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Hi Graeme,

Ignore the previous main.c. The one attached in this mail is what I am using to 
communicate with the drive.

On 8/10/17, Rahul Deshpande <> wrote:
> Hi Graeme,
> I noticed you mentioned that I could be needing patches in order to 
> get yaskawa work with the master. Do we need all the patches on your 
> name or just a selective few ?.
> At this point I am trying to get to OP state but even after changing 
> the application I cannot surpass it. I have attached the new 
> application that I wrote and also the logs. These logs are obtained 
> after running the 'ethercat debug 1' command before running the 
> application. It is throwing an error for each domain that I have 
> defined.
> Looking forward to your reply.
> Thank you,
> Rahul
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