I successfully got the IgH EtherCAT Master running on an IEI board using Gentoo and the 4.14.28-rt23 PREEMPT kernel.
Now, I switched to a self-made, yocto-based distribution, using the same kernel (I tried both the kernel built by our yocto recipe and my own "hand-built" kernel with the exact same result) and now I have a very strange problem:
The call to ecrt_domain_queue takes sometimes very long (about 10 ms, I measured that call separately). During normal operation it takes no considerable amount of time but while the system is coming up (switching to OP etc.) or if I disconnect a cable it starts taking those large amounts of time. Then of course a 1 ms cycle time fails catastrophic.
On my gentoo based system, this behaviour does not occur. It never takes too much time, even if I disconnect a cable or reboot a slave. 
As it does not seem to be kernel related, what else could it be? GCC versions differ of course, yocto using 7.2.0 while gentoo is on 6.4.0.
I narrowed down the issue to the ec_user_example already.
Cyclictest shows no abnormality, max latency is < 25 us on both systems. I run the system with isolcpus=3 (and smp_affinity=7 for irq) and the cyclictest/ec test program with taskset 8 on the isolated core. So I rule out a generic latency issue.
I am really a bit puzzled where to start debugging this strange issue and are happy for any hint!
Thanks a lot,
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