Dear Sir,


Could you help me on Etherlab?

I have some questions on Etherlab.

I have install Etherlab and try to use Simulink and link sample function
block, but it can not RUN, seems something wrong. 

 描述: cid:image005.jpg@01D3D0B1.0B28D310

But the same diagram and it is working on another Simulink platform. (see

Is there something wrong?  

 描述: cid:image006.jpg@01D3D0B1.0B28D310


The second question is see the red mark on below photo, is it meaning under
EtherCAT protocol?

If yes, why I can not find any EtherCAT library function block on the list?
Such as motor drive. (I would like to do motor drive control)

Or I need to download EtherCAT library function block at some where?

描述: cid:image007.jpg@01D3D0B1.0B28D310



Best Regards,

Rex Lin


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On 12 April 2018 03:52, quoth Christoph Schroeder:

> reffering to the last question on this list regarding a driver for the 

> RasPi 3 and kernel 4.x, which driver are you actually using? I thought 

> the native drivers don't work with newer kernels. I am currently using 

> the native driver for e1000e Intel cards on Debian Jessie (kernel 

> 3.16) and would like to upgrade to Debian Stretch (kernel 4.9).


I'm successfully using e1000e on Debian Stretch using the ported driver in
the unofficial patchset.





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