Hey Liam, dear Ultimate community,

my name is Schlumpf and I guess I'm the person you are asking about. The
term professionalisation is very general because it actually is. The last
two years I had the chance to learn how the EUF works and we have a lot of
ideas how to accompany our sport on its path the next years. We are
definitely growing bigger as a community and a lot of challenges are
waiting to be addressed and solved.

Here are a few topics where we want to invest work in the next years:

   - player registration, player database, team database, tournament
   - work together with WADA to slowly find out their requirements,
   procedures, and start implementing them into the bids for future EUF
   tournaments (will take a few years anyway, so we have to start early)
   - with fanseat.com the visibility of Ultimate will grow exponentially in
   the next years, so the behavior on and next to the fields should be
   sportsmanlike and the awareness has to be raised in this topic (Alkohol
   next to the field, unsportsmanlike behavior on the field, drug use at the
   - Spirit of the game will face a lot of challenges as soon as money gets
   involved. With more streaming, sponsors will be more common and with that
   placements will be more important to some teams than showing a good spirit
   and "be liked" in the community. We already started raising the bars on
   SOTG and with a lot of different programs and incentives we are trying to
   raise the importance of SOTG, but also we are preparing to hold teams
   accountable in front of the community to make sure the standards are not
   beaten every tournament.
   - Coach the coaches program in the following years especially for
   eastern countries to get a knowledge transfer
   - EUF coaching certificate for schools and clubs coaches, so local
   government requirements can be met, to be allowed to go to schools and
   teach kids Ultimate
   - the tournament calender gets very full, and different countries
   schedule different season periods. We will try to coordinate those better
   so bids for EUF tournaments can be placed easier.

I hope I could bring light into the vague words "Education" and
"Professionalisation", but maybe "Coaching" and "Development" are easier to
understand and mean pretty much the same thing and we will use those in
2018 :)

Kind regards, Schlumpf


Sincerely, Marc Michael Huber

EUF - European Ultimate Federation

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> Hey all,
> great to see interesting things happening for EUF.
> I'd be interested to know more about the "Education&Professionalisation"
> role - in what context are those words being used? Education of who/how and
> Professionalisation of what/how? The minuets seems very general so not much
> for me to read about :)
> Kind regards, Liam
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> On 5 October 2016 at 20:32, Andrea Furlan <furlanandr...@gmail.com> wrote:
>> FYI
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>> Dear EUF members
>> the new EUF Board have been elected during the General Assembly in
>> Frankfurt on Sept. 30th 2016.
>>    - President: Andrea "Oddi" Furlan (ITA)
>>    - Secretary: Alia Ayub (GBR)
>>    - Treasurer: Ted Beute (NED)
>> Coordinators:
>>    - Youth: Chris Dehnhardt (GER)
>>    - Spirit: Dario Lucisano (ITA)
>>    - Women: Jarna Kalpala (FIN)
>>    - Mixed: Haude Hermand (FRA)
>>    - Open: Luca Miglioretto (SUI)
>>    - Education&Professionalisation: Marc Michael "Schlumpf" Huber (AUT)
>> Auditors:
>>    - David Moser (SUI)
>>    - Bernhard Otto (GER)
>> Our very special thank goes to *Gabriele Sani* and *Klemen Zupancic* for
>> their great work in the board in these years!
>> Maybe it was not so evident outside the board how much they did and how
>> important they are, so we really hope to be able to keep on working closely
>> with them within the various committees!!
>> We would also be pleased to have also the other candidates Davide Morri,
>> Morris Starling and Cech Soldati inserted into a committee.
>> Meeting Minutes
>> <http://www.ultimatefederation.eu/media/about-euf/Communications/EUF_General_Assembly_2016-09-30_Meeting_Minutes_V3.0.pdf>
>> The General Assembly found that it is worth it to cooperate with
>> fanseat.com in order to a have regual broadcast of ultimate tournaments
>> throughout the year.
>> Similarly to netflix, the user must subscribe monthly to watch any
>> program on fanseat. It's possible to suspend the subscription for various
>> months and reactivate it when there are tournaments that are interesting to
>> watch. The streaming material stays online for various months.
>> *EUF is looking for tournaments (outdoor, indoor, beach, ...) in various
>> periods of the year that want to get live streamed by fanseat for free!*
>> We will collect until middle of November 2016 applications to be put into
>> the funseat program 2017.
>> EUF will prepare in the next days a summary of the requirements a
>> tournament must fullfil in order to be able to be broadcasted by
>> fanseat.com and generally how it works.
>> The Finnish federation has already worked in the past with Elisa, the
>> large finnish TV company behing fanseat.com. EUF worked with them in
>> Frankfurt and Copenhagen.
>> Just to let you better understand their professionality, they flew in 2
>> persons from Helsinki to Frankfurt the day before the EUCF just for few
>> hours to check that the TV-Crew and Infrastructure were suitable for their
>> needs!
>> Please spread the information within your ultimate community!
>> Grazie e ciao
>> Oddi
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