Hi Euro Disc, and specifically TDs / TOCs of competitive European

WFDF is looking to put on at least one game advisor training weekend in

For this we need a relatively competitive tournament to work in partnership
with and are looking for suitable TDs / TOCs to contact us with expressions
of interest.

We will try to deliver the training at zero cost to the tournament.  We
will need to access a classroom space for a session on the first day to be
able to deliver some of the training. In return we would provide Game
Advisors for games across the weekend; any that you as TDs felt might
benefit from a Game Advisor, and especially the later bracket games
(Quarters > Semis > Finals).

Once we have identified one, or more, suitable locations to run the clinics
we will send more information out for people interested in becoming Game

Please get in touch by email to:


Kind regards,

Oliver Browne, sent on behalf of:

Liam Kelly
WFDF Game Advisor Committee
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