Maybe that every week-end, every day all over the world, thousands of games 
without GA are played without any problems … why do we want to change something 
that’s running well and that’s a added value ??


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Dear Liam,

do you think that there is ANY argument in the world to convince you, that game 
advisors are NOT necessary?

Cheers, Robert "Robse" Jablko
Former chair of Rules and SOTG comitee, Germany

2018-02-21 20:21 GMT+01:00 Bernier Paul 
For me open discussion can continue ...

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Hi Liam, mailing lists are still a good way to communicate and (non-European) 
Reddit trolls are much less present. Also, this list has a lot of Europeans who 
care about the topic. Should everyone change their normal way of communicating 
because of this topic? Why not in this setting?



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Hi Olivier Cassart, ED, and anyone else interested in this topic.

Good to see the debate is alive and well. Something I would fully encourage, 
but perhaps not in this setting.

I see a great deal of misconception in your comments, which is something I look 
forward to talking about.

Perhaps a Reddit AMA or something along those lines. I'm open to ideas.

In short: keen and encouraging of a discussion, disagreement and different 
opinions and perspectives - as SOTG says.

Please do get in touch directly and we can set something up.

Kind regards.


Sincerely, Liam Kelly

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