Perhaps a bit old-school but still fully functional:

In case it is useful for anyone!
-- description --

The application allows you to create and visualize simple frame-by-frame animations, simulating movement on the field. It is intended for sharing drills and set plays with team mates or fellow Ultimate players.

A simulation consists of four types of objects: offense players, defense players, discs and cones. Each object can be repositioned in every frame to create movement. Text may also be added in every frame to describe what is happening.

*Without an account*, you can:
- Browse simulations stored online.
- Link directly to simulations stored online or embed them on your website, including simulations not shared on the public list.
- Create a simulation and download it to a file.
- Upload a simulation file.

*With an account*, you can also:
- Store simulations online to share them in the public list, or keep them private but accessible via its unique URL.
- Rate any simulation stored online.
- Add simulations to your favorites list.


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