Dear European Ultimate players, hello Liam Kelly,

my words some days ago on this very list were totally out of line.
I let my emotions get the better of me and used some very bad language
while acutally not contributing anything to the discussion at hand.

I grew up playing Ultimate nearly 20 years ago with the utmost faith in
the ability of the game and the players to referee themselves. Well, my
stupid email has nearly destroyed that faith. If people cannot discuss any
topic in a civil way, how can they actually play all by themselves?
Thanks to the intervention of some good people I have seen the error of
this and, tbh, I had the feeling that something was not right but was not
focused enough to own up to it.

Liam, I am sorry. I regret my words.

I still think however, that FB is NOT the place to discuss anything - as
you yourself said, This very e-mail list is probably just good for some
input -  nothing more, nothing less.
Others have fortunately pointed the way towards a democratic vote as a
solution to the dilemma in front of us. And this is the way to do it.

It is no secret that I am totally supporting the view of Olivier et al in
the continuation of Ultimate, i.e. have faith in the participants of this
sport, (i.e. the players) to use their common sense and sportsmanship
(SOTG?!) to sort things out between themselves.

I do think that - generelly speaking - the community and especially the
varius country associations and its suprnational bodies are developing not
in a good way when they are seeking the nearness of anything having to do
with Olympia or other commercial venues (f.ex. marketable streaming).

Believe me, this is the way to loosing the charm of the game. Ultimate has
grown sooooo much in the last decades. More and more poeple play and even
more poeple at least know about it. We don't need commercialisation in
this sport.
What for? Money? Well, then I guess, many of us should have pursued a
different sports career, Formula 1 Racing or Football....

Keep the Spirit and see you EVERY Sunday (all year round) for the pick-up
game in the heart of Berlin, Gleisdreieckpark!

Thanks for listening.

Mirko, YeaHaw!Berlin

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