...are nothing but narrow "valley-network" channels with rows of parallel
"fishbone-like" curved dunes running along the dust and/or sand that's
accumulated on their floors -- the unfortunate Mr. Skipper has interpreted
the sunlight-and-shadow patterns in them in the wrong direction, thus
representing concave features as convex!  This kind of feature is all over
Hell's half-acre on Mars, and those curved parallel dunes are found in many
places on Mars besides channel floors (although the wind blowing along such
channels certainly makes it easier for them to form there).  The very first
MGS photo released -- of the floor of Nirgal Valles -- showed these features
in closeup, and they are very common on Earth.  See
So for Heaven's sake, let's not see sensational new phenomena where they
don't exist.  If there were visible lava tubes of any kind on Mars, the
geologists would have trumpeted them immediately.

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