EV Digest 2386

Topics covered in this issue include:

  1) RE: Epiphany on Range Issue, again
        by "Chris Tromley" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
  2) Re: Load tester for 6,8 &12 volt use.
        by [EMAIL PROTECTED]
  3) Re: How much is enough? (long) (was: RE: Epiphany on Range Issue)
        by "Ralph Merwin" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
  4) NEDRA Sacramento EVent 7 Days Away!
        by [EMAIL PROTECTED]
  5) EVLN(Bluebird belly-up)
        by Bruce EVangel Parmenter <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
  6) EVLN(eMotion rental EV service scheduled for mid 2003)
        by Bruce EVangel Parmenter <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
  7) EVLN(EV charging stations included in Sacramento developer projects)
        by Bruce EVangel Parmenter <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
  8) EVLN(% ZEV law is part of the evil empire %) 
        by Bruce EVangel Parmenter <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
  9) EVLN(Gimme gimme gimme MY free GM golf cart)
        by Bruce EVangel Parmenter <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
 10) Re:  EVLN(Watts Sparrow for CA may not be for WA)
        by Bruce EVangel Parmenter <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
 11) Currie Scooter
        by "Rod Hower" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
 12) Re: Salt, was Re: A plan
        by "Lawrence Rhodes" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
 13) EVLN(Reva opens eyes with low running & maintenance costs)
        by Bruce EVangel Parmenter <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
 14) Cheap LCD Voltmeters?
        by "Roy LeMeur" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
 15) EVLN(ICE heads follow Sparrow with ogling eyes)
        by Bruce EVangel Parmenter <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
 16) EVLN(USM emblazoned Lido has more room than a golf cart)
        by Bruce EVangel Parmenter <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
 17) EVLN(MP Markets High Performance Li-Ion Batt Systems)
        by Bruce EVangel Parmenter <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
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Bob Rice wrote:

>     I'll chime in oin this one: I do drive to work EVery day, 
> Min RT is 56 miles If I go right in, not doing side trips on 
> the way, to run errands. I plug in while there, but if I 
> can't, plug ICED, I can get home OK. I have a tough 450 foot 
> climb to get home, as I am inland from the CT coast I have 
> done this trip in one sitting, meaning come right back, like 
> picking up parts or people, or going out to dinner, showing 
> off the distance possabilities. But with 20 T-145's in a 
> Rabbit, it could be considered over kill in a Rabbit, but the 
> extra range is nice Got about 7k on the T-145's and I have 
> never run them dead, always got where I was going, albiet 
> they were "Soft" a few times, but did spring back to 120 
> volts when standing. If I had a "Normal" commute, I think I'd 
> go with less voltage, cut back to GVW on the car, say 90 
> volts, stay below 3300 lbs curb weight.

Hi Bob,

Your setup is close to what my LeSled will be.  20 US145s and a Raptor
600, but mine will weigh in around 3000 lbs.  It's encouraging to know
you can do ~60 mpc (or more?) in real-world driving.  More important is
the fact you can just drive the thing without thinking too much about
your range.  That was the point of my other posts on this thread.

I may have given the impression that I believe anything less than 100
mpc isn't enough.  You demonstrate that 60 mpc works well for a
relatively long commute, while still leaving room for Murphy.

Keep Plugging,
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I've used some pieces of nichrome wire from a golf cart, a small shunt for amp 
measurement.  Just hook it on and watch the voltage.  Use some nichrome 
resistance tables to get the current draw you're looking for.
Somebody out there's been stripping golf carts, or still has that coil of 
nichrome from their 70's conversion?

Darin Gilbert
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Chris Tromley writes:
> Unfortunately, a 25-35 mile range does not qualify as a normal car for
> most people.

This is the key point of this thread, although I would restate it to say
that "EVs do not qualify as a normal car for most people".  As such, most
people will not buy an EV regardless of how closely it meets their needs.
People are resistant to change.  Buying an EV is a big change to a basic
part of their life.

I'm not going to waste my time trying to convert someone to the cause.
My approach is to drive my EV whenever possible, answer questions when
asked, and otherwise go about my business.  People know I drive an EV,
and if/when someone gets serious about having one, I will try to help.

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Hi to all,

Coming up Saturday Nov. 2 is the last chance 'till next season
for electric drag racers and fans to get together and enjoy the 
electrically powerful education of the gas addicted crowd.

Yeah the electric guys and gals are getting together at Sacramento Raceway 
http://www.sacramentoraceway.com for directions and map. Gates open at 9am,
racing 10am-3pm.

A guaranteed good time for all! We'll see you all there!

Rich Brown
Dualin'7  NEDRA SC/E and SC/F record holder

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EVLN(Bluebird belly-up)
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Bluebird firm goes into liquidation
Oct 24 2002  By Rachel Williams, PA News

The company which built the electric car used by the nephew
of speedboat ace Donald Campbell to break the UK land speed
record for electrically-powered vehicles, was wound up

Bluebird Technologies Ltd was put into liquidation at
Cardiff County Court after a successful petition from
creditor Tony Guy.

The company had debts running into tens of thousands of

Donald Wales broke the UK land speed record for electric
vehicles in August 2000 when he took a car built by the
company to 137mph on Pendine Sands, West Wales.

Mr Wales, the nephew of Donald Campbell and grandson of Sir
Malcolm Campbell, who himself held land and water speed
records, has worked in a part-time role as Bluebird
Technologies' international brand manager.

The company, based in Pontardawe, South Wales, has used the
same technology as in the record-breaking car to develop a
battery-powered delivery van which had attracted interest
from Express Dairies for use as a milk float.

After the court hearing the company's director, David
Hammond-Williams, stressed that the proceedings would not
affect the Bluebird land speed record project, for which Mr
Wales is still the driver, in any way.

"We are in the process of designing and developing a new car
which will be capable of 300mph, in association with a
number of partners and universities," he said.

They plan to test the car on Pendine Sands in spring and
then take it to the US in the autumn to attempt to break the
world land speed record.

"A certain amount of this is dependent on us raising
sponsorship," Mr Hammond-Williams said.

Donald Campbell's remains were found in May 2001, 34 years
after his water speed record attempt on Coniston Water ended
in tragedy.

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EVLN(eMotion rental EV service scheduled for mid 2003)
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Electric car production delayed
By January Holmes, Staff Reporter October 23, 2002

Hinesville residents will have to wait a little longer for
eMotion Mobility, the new electric car plant in the
Hinesville Industrial Park, to be fully operational and
ready for business.

The company, which is planning to use the electric cars for
its new rental service programs in Atlanta and Playa Vista,
CA, will bring 100-150 new jobs to the area.

eMotion was originally scheduled to open during the fourth
quarter of 2002, but the company pushed back its starting
date due to a prolonged development sequence of the car,
said Jim Varian, vice president of operations and systems.

Going from the drawing board to the actual car model has
taken longer than the company expected.

"We are finalizing the whole development process," Varian

He said the cars are currently in the testing stages. The
next and last stage is constructing a prototype that will be
used in the eMotion program.

eMotion is currently scheduled to open by mid 2003.

The news of the plant opening at a later date is of no
surprise to Ron Tolley of the Liberty County Development

"They had set out an extremely aggressive schedule," he

He believes that when the company does open it will not have
any problems finding workers.

The 30,000 square foot micro-assembly plant is near
completion, needing only finishing touch ups, Ralph Williams
of Strunk and Evans Construction said.

eMotion's plant has a conference room, a break room,
training room, tools and parts room, as well as a huge
assembling section. No assembly equipment is in the building

The plant will be installing batteries and drive trains into
"glides" - incomplete DaimlerChysler models similar to the
European "smart" car - to make it electric powered. The car
plant will make about 24 cars per day, Varian said.
©Hinesville Coastal Courier 2002

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EVLN(EV charging stations included in Sacramento developer projects)
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>From the October 18, 2002
Laguna gets retail center  Kelly Johnson  Staff Writer

Developers soon will seek final approvals to build a
neighborhood shopping center in Laguna Stonelake, creating
the southern Sacramento County community's first retail

San Jose developer Stratton Properties hopes to get a
hearing before the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors in
November. The board's approval of his final development plan
would allow the company to begin constructing the 116,431-
square-foot center on 14 acres next year, to open in autumn

The Stonelake Village Shopping Center would sit on the south
side of Elk Grove Boulevard east of West Taron Drive. It
would be developer Vasili Stratton's first retail project in

Stonelake lacks a "town-core area with neighborhood serving
commercial and retail uses," according to a county planning
report. This center would seek to serve the retail needs of
people in Stonelake and the nearby Lakeside community.

The center's supermarket, meanwhile, would be the first
major grocery store off of Interstate 5 for motorists coming
into Sacramento from the south. It is proposed for 55,164
square feet, and a tenant has not yet been signed.

More shade, plus showers: The shopping center would be one
of the first in the county to supply special amenities
required by an air quality and transportation plan imposed
on some neighborhoods by the 1993 Sacramento County General
Plan, said Mike Meers, vice president of Nadel Architects,
the project's Sacramento architectural firm.

In this project, the county planning staff recommends the
developer provide such special features as 70 percent
shading of the interior parking lot, up from the usual 50
percent; electric-vehicle charging stations; and employee
shower and locker areas to encourage workers who live nearby
to bike and walk to work.

Stratton, who was out of the country and could not be
reached for comment, bought the land from AKT Developments
Inc. of Sacramento.

McDonald's and Chevron have also proposed building on
adjacent property. Their projects would not be part of the

Looking for the usual crew: Stonelake Village, with a
Tuscan/Northern Italian architecture derived from the style
of the Stonelake clubhouse, would probably have
approximately 20 to 25 tenants.

Scott Reynolds, the leasing agent for the shopping center,
is seeking conventional neighborhood center users, such as a
dry cleaners, hair salon, pizza parlor, bank and insurance
office. He said he doesn't expect to have any commitments
for the space for at least three months.

Because the building hasn't been designed, a lease rate has
not yet been established. However, Reynolds wants it to be
competitive with the area's going rate of $2.25 to $2.60 per
square foot.

The design and materials for the center would be better than
average, Meers said.

The county's planning staff recommends that the project
include a water foundation with recirculating water, one
perhaps similar to the water foundation at Howe 'Bout Arden
shopping center, said Chris Castorena, an assistant planner
at the county.

In other amenities, the center would have meandering
pedestrian pathways and bicycle parking areas for employees
and customers.

Stonelake Village conservatively would serve 12,000 people,
Reynolds said. The community primarily is made up of middle
to upper-income families, with relatively well-educated
adults. Houses start in the high $200,000s.

Said Reynolds, "It's certainly not starter housing."
 © 2002 American City Business Journals Inc.

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EVLN(% ZEV law is part of the evil empire %) 
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 --- {EVangel}
Thursday, Oct 24, 2002 Nation Posted on Wed, Oct. 09, 2002
Bush administration challenges California zero emissions
 law  BY MIKE TAUGHER  Knight Ridder Newspapers

WALNUT CREEK, Calif. - (KRT) - The federal government
weighed in Wednesday on behalf of the automobile industry in
a lawsuit that seeks to overturn California's pioneering,
yet faltering, drive to get more electric cars on the road.

In court papers filed in San Francisco, Bush administration
lawyers argued that California's electric vehicle rules are
encroaching on the federal government's exclusive authority
to regulate how many miles per gallon new cars get.

It was a rare and possibly unprecedented federal challenge
to vehicle pollution regulations in California, a national
leader in setting strict limits.

A spokesman for the California Environmental Protection
Agency said he was unaware of any similar challenge, and
that although it is possible the federal government might
have objected in the past to small parts of California's
smog-fighting efforts, "there have been no major

"California has always been in a unique position," said
Cal-EPA spokesman William L. Rukeyeser. "Among the 50
states, we're the only one where federal law gives us the
ability to set our own standards, which are more protective
of public health (than federal rules.)"

Under the state's zero-emission vehicle program adopted in
1990, 10 percent of new cars sold in California were to be
electric cars beginning with the 2003 model year. That is
nowhere near happening, and state regulators have rewritten
the ZEV rules several times in recognition of the difficulty
of building and selling battery-powered cars.

State air quality regulators have in recent years revised
rules to allow car companies to take credit for cars that
run extremely cleanly to help them meet the electric car
sales requirement.

The revisions include the use of federal mileage standards,
a tack that led General Motors, DaimlerChrysler and several
car dealerships to sue early this year.

In June, U.S. District Judge Robert E. Coyle in Fresno
issued a preliminary injunction suspending the ZEV program
pending a full trial. State regulators appealed, and on
Wednesday federal lawyers filed a 29-page brief backing the
industry's position.

The question of whether a state clean-air program has tread
on the federal government's authority over mileage standards
is doubly important because that is also the main legal
objection to a new state law to limit greenhouse gas
emissions from cars within the next several years.

"You can rest assured that a lawsuit will be filed," said
Eron Shosteck, a spokesman for the Alliance of Automobile
Manufacturers, which represents 12 companies that together
make 90 percent of the cars sold in the U.S.

The only way to reduce carbon dioxide from tailpipes is to
burn less gas, which means either reducing the number of
miles that Californians drive or increasing fuel efficiency,
Shosteck said. He said it could be years before the legal
challenge to the greenhouse gas law is mounted.

"There is no technology, no device you can bolt onto a
vehicle to make it produce less carbon dioxide," Shosteck

Rukeyeser of the state EPA said the ZEV program and the
greenhouse gas law are meant to clean up pollution, not
require mileage improvements.

"The state's regulations are about pollution," he said.
"It's never been our intention, and it still isn't, to
require more fuel efficiency."

Supporters of the ZEV program say that although battery-
powered cars have not taken off as they had hoped, the
requirement has spurred the popularity of hybrid cars and
provided a major boost to another type of electric car, the
fuel cell vehicle.

Earlier next year, state air-quality regulators plan to
re-examine the entire ZEV program in light of the legal
difficulties, problems with battery powered cars and the
unexpectedly rapid development non- polluting fuel cells.

"Fuel cell and hybrid technology is a decade ahead of where
it would have been in the absence of zero-emission vehicle
regulations," California Gov. Gray Davis said in a
statement. "I am disappointed that the federal government
would intervene with our efforts to protect our air
--- ©2002, Contra Costa Times (Walnut Creek, Calif.). 
http://www.bayarea.com.  Distributed by Knight
Ridder/Tribune Information Services.

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EVLN(Gimme gimme gimme MY free GM golf cart)
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So whereís MY free golf cart?
10/23/2002 John Boston ďMr. SCVĒ

Drat it all. I want a golf cart. Every employee in the Wm.
S. Hart Union High School District is getting a free golf
cart. Iím an employee of the Wm. S. Hart High District (SCV
History, 0.0005 units; Golden Oak Adult School). I want a
free golf cart.

Gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme please.

As usual, I didnít bother to read all the details on this
story, so Iím not exactly sure if every employee is getting
their own customized electric vehicle in which to tool
around SClarita. But whatís wrong with me?

Stop. Itís a rhetorical question.

The skinny on the street is that the kind folks at Club Car
Inc. and General Motors are donating 28 of the little
scooters to the district named after silent movie star Bill
Hart. The cars run between $4,500 and $8,500 ó sticker ó and
theyíre being offered on a one-year free trial run.

No strings.

No obligations.

Thatís a heck of a test drive.

These puppies are street legal, but supposedly, the district
will mainly use them on campus by security, janitorial and
athletic department personnel.

Thatís fine. Hand out 27 of the ATVs to gout-ridden line
coaches and rent-a-cops who need to sneak up to the upper
athletic fields and practice their golf swings during
working hours.

But guys... Buddies... Pals...

Gimme gimme gimme, I need, I need. Save one for me. If itís
not a bother, Iíd like to place my custom order. Do you have
a paper and pad handy?

Iím a big guy. I go about 6-2 and 215. I donít want to get
stuck with something from the back lot that looks like one
of those senior citizen Rascal models. I need to be places.
I need to be at those places on time and I donít want to be
motoring around the valley in a lawnmower powered by a watch

I want something with a little guts.

And some panache.

A golf cart with a blown 427 Hemi.

No. Donít go anywhere. Hear me out. If we could just sort of
raise the bar a bit, sort of scootch a few rungs up the
model ladder, Iíd be most appreciative and the next time you
guys at the district want some annoying bond or bothersome
teachersí raise measure passed, give a holler. Like my
friend the mayor, I am not above payola.

Iím thinking something more of an ATV/quad runner kind of
vehicle. Something with six or eight wheels that would feel
comfortable cruising around the surface of the moon would be
nice. I know it would help me navigate through the remaining
non-cemented washes in the SCV.

While weíre talking accessories, Iíd like a couple of rifle
racks on the back, safari cattle guards front and rear and,
on top, instead of the usual roof, Iíd like something molded
into the shape of a large cowboy hat.

Not plastic.

Beaver felt.

With a silver and leather hat band.

Iíd like a good sound system so that when I take my urban
assault golf cart to one of the local courses, I can crank
up the volume to 211 when the Bill Murray ďCaddyshackĒ
wannabe groundskeeper angrily marches over to tell me I
canít have a golf cart with studded snow tires on the
putting green.

Picky, picky, picky.

I know my next-step-up district ATV is supposed to be a
convertible, but Iíd like to order it with air conditioning.
Thereís nothing oh so decadent as sitting in a ragtop in the
summer with the AC blowing at full max.


Got to have cupholders.

And some computer ports for my laptop. (Actually, I donít
own a laptop; could you guys in district accounting be some
dears and throw that in with the package? Thanks. Youíre
nothing short of peaches.). It would be nice to find some
place shady under one of our last remaining oaks, type a few
sentences, take a siesta, type a few sentences, take a
siesta, hit a key and e-mail my column back to The Mighty
Signal, which, I assure you, would be most editorially in
favor of you guys acquiring these vehicles, if, say, you
could maybe part with a second electric car. (It doesnít
have to be as nice as mine because itís for the editor.)

Iíd like a large ice chest for my ATV, too. Iím not really
up on my DMV regulations, but I believe that if youíre in
something that can go off-road, you can legally drink beer
while operating it.

There are a few other things on my Wm. S. Hart Union High
School District wish list for my ATV. Black mag wheels. A
horn that plays all 16 bars of ďLa CucarachaĒ when pressed.
Automatic transmission and a global positioning map system
because I have a short attention span and tend to get lost
easily. If youíve got any fetching songqueens somewhat close
to 18 on student service who want to giggle and flirt with
me while I make my patrols, well. What could that hurt?

If all this customizing is too much of a hassle, can I make
another suggestion? Heck. Why donít you just pop for about
$27,500 for a well- equipped new 2003 Jeep Wrangler Sahara?
Iíve had my eye on one of those puppies for the longest
time. If staff is tied up, itíd be just ducky on my end to
expense it...

John Bostonís Mr. Santa Clarita Valley column appears
Wednesday through Saturday. To reach Boston, dial 259-1234,
ext. 242.

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Re:  EVLN(Watts Sparrow for CA may not be for WA)

[The comments below were in response to the newswire:
 http://groups.yahoo.com/group/EVList/message/31080 ]

It's tiny, has 3 wheels, and runs on electricity

"For the moment, Alastair Dodwell may be the only car dealer
around without a lot or showroom. But as the only emerging
Eastside electric car dealer, that's not his only unusual

 - Comments:
Until I can find a hybrid/alternative fuel source car that

1) keep me alive through and after an impact with one of WA
   state's clueless SUV drivers and

2) be peppy and roomy enough for me to *feel* like I'd live
   through the impact

I'll stick to my compact car.
johnp | Homepage | 10.18.02 - 6:33 pm

What, sub-sub-sub-compact's too small for you? What are you,
some kind of wuss?

Then again, I ride a bus to work. A 50 ft long 10 ton bus.
tonyd | Homepage | 10.18.02 - 7:24 pm

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If you don't have an EV yet but want 'something' until you can afford
a full blown vehicle, I found this on Ebay


I bought one of these last year from Sam's club and I'm very happy with it
(actually my kids are happ!).

Pretty good deal at $300

I have a few extra pictures of it at my web page
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I drove for years in snow country and all I used salt for was to carry a
couple of 50 pound bags in my trunk for traction. (Datsun1200FB).  I never
used chains and I never got stuck.  Lawrence Rhodes....
----- Original Message -----
From: "Christopher Meier" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Sent: Thursday, October 24, 2002 8:08 PM
Subject: OT: Salt, was Re: A plan

> Most of the winter in the midwest is spent between 20-30F, which is ideal
> for formation of ice on roadways, some due to precipitation, some due to
> exhaust and/or condensation (black ice).  Sand alone isn't enough.  DOT is
> experimenting (for years) with materials other than salt. Without it many
> more cars would be destroyed or damaged in accidents, entire roadways turn
> into sheets of ice under some conditions, sometimes even with treatment.
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: "Alan Batie" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> To: "David Roden (Akron OH USA)" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Sent: Thursday, October 24, 2002 9:36 PM
> Subject: Re: A plan
> > On Thu, Oct 24, 2002 at 04:11:01PM -0400, David Roden (Akron OH USA)
> wrote:
> > > Where I live, too, the road crews use frighteningly large amounts of
> salt.
> >
> > I've never understood why you folks back east put up with your
> > deliberately destroying your cars.  I grew up in snow country out here
> > and people might use a little bit of salt on steps or sidewalks to save
> > shoveling, but that's about it.
> >
> > But I digress...
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EVLN(Reva opens eyes with low running & maintenance costs)
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 --- {EVangel}
Editorial Ecologically friendly transport

It is no news that air pollution in Malta is rife and more
widely spread than in any European country except for some
bad areas. It is also well realised that we talk more about
the problem than take actual steps to reduce the incidence.

To give just a few examples where action was warranted years
ago, and promised to boot, by various governments, without
issue, there are the old buses and trucks still fuming away
everywhere, St Luke's Hospital incinerator, the Maghtab
showpiece. Doing something about those would already have
brought the situation in from the red.

Now there is news of a new car being introduced into Malta.
A letter by a The Times correspondent draws attention to the
possible saving that can be made, both in terms of fuel and
air pollution, with the introduction of Reva, the Indian
electric car. This is a battery-driven car that could bring
a healthy respite to "those who are afflicted with asthma
and other pollution induced health problems".

Statistics have told us over and over again that there is
far too much traffic on our island. There are far too many
cars, our lifestyle by which we expect to travel a few yards
by private car, needs changing, our road discipline leaves
much to be desired, the enforcement of our laws when they
exist, being half-hearted at the best.

The battery-operated car spells hope. But the car needs to
be supported if it is to take in the local market at all.
Our travelling distances, unlike those abroad, are very
short. Our ecological needs are urgent, those of our health
(children and all) clamorous.

Battery operating would entail more energy production, of
course, and that is another problem which has to be faced by
the experts with long-distance planning and foresight. But
there is no doubt that battery-operated traffic inside towns
and cities would make the sun shine again on pure air.

Consumers, however, will not necessarily take easily to it,
seeing that it lacks the power, the speed, the class of
other cars. For many people the car is a class symbol or
even a sex symbol or an escape from real problems in their

There must be incentives to buy or disincentives not to buy
elsewhere. Environmental friendliness and fantastic economy
do not always persuade the locals. We are not yet nationally
environmentally conscious and responsible to that extent. We
still expect the government to do it all for us.

But there are things the government can and ought to do.

Our correspondent mentions greater tax concessions and
drastic reduction of road tax - at least until electric cars
have been accepted. This will help to induce a change in the
attitude of motorists to electric cars and compensate for
the initial inconvenience to drivers until charging points
become established all over the island, making it more

An eye-opener is that these cars have unbelievably low
running and maintenance costs. Drastic reductions in
registration tax (currently lowered to 16.5 per cent from 50
per cent), VAT, levies and registration fees for a period,
road licence fees, and maybe insurance premiums, would seem
to be what is needed to usher in ecologically friendly

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I am doing a pack replacement for a customer. Car is 72 VW Bug w/ADC 9", Cursit 1231 whiner, and PFC-20 charger.

Old pack was T-105s in 120V string. New pack is Optima YTs in 144V buddy paired string.

A couple of questions....

Customer would like to wait on purchasing battery management until Sheer and Rich get the MK3 system together.
In the interim, he wants to have an array of 24 small LCD voltmeters to monitor each battery.

Does anyone know where would be the best place to purchase something like this at a very reasonable price? It seems like these would be commonly available in a 12V version.

Also... is there a comparision chart somewhere that shows the differences in how low temperatures affect available capacity in floodeds as opposed to Optimas? Also looking for the specific differences in Peukert between these two types.

Thanks in advance for any advice :)

Roy LeMeur Seattle WA

My Electric Vehicle Pages:

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EVLN(ICE heads follow Sparrow with ogling eyes)
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Wild wheels  Environmentally-friendly car gets its share of
stares  By BROOKE BUNCH  Gazette Staff Writer 
Photos by Martin S. Lerman/Gazette

Dale Hume, a radiologist at Adena Regional Medical Center
sports his Sparrow electric car as he travels to work and
back. Hume purchased the three-wheeled, one-seater vehicle
from Corbin Motors of California because he wanted to cut
down on gas use and help the environment. His Sparrow is one
of only 285 such vehicles on the road.

Know Your Neighbor
Name: Dale Hume
Age: 41
Origin: Akron, Chillicothe resident for 10 years
Occupation: Radiologist at Adena Regional Medical Center
Hobbies: Camping, fishing, outdoor activities, woodworking

Not a day goes by when Dr. Dale Hume fails to attract his 
usual number of ogling eyes while driving down the street.

No, he doesn't have two heads...just one weird car.

Hume, 41, purchased a unique automobile one day after
reading an article published in the Chillicothe Gazette.

"They ran an article about alternative energy sources and
there was a picture of the Sparrow on the cover. I saw it
and I was interested."

Hume's Sparrow is one of 285 on the road. It is made by
Corbin Motors, a car company out of California. It has three
wheels, an electrical outlet, and a lot of spunk.

"People follow me into parking lots and ask me questions
about it," Hume said. "It's wild. When I first drove it I
just started laughing. It's a blast to drive."

The Sparrow runs completely on electric. Hume plugs his car
in every night to a regular household outlet. The local
doctor was concerned about gas conservation, and with good
reason. According to Corbin Motors, 87 percent of American
commuters travel 18 miles or less to work daily -- 93
percent of those do so alone.

"I've always wanted an electric car," Hume said. "It doesn't
use any gas and it doesn't pollute. It cuts down on use of
oil for this country. I think the country depends way too
much on foreign oil. Why not have a car that doesn't pollute
and only carries one person? Ninety percent of Americans do
so anyway. Plus there's a bonus -- it turns out to be a heck
of a lot of fun to drive."

But as always, every rose has its thorn. Hume said there are
some downsides to the 4-by-8 foot vehicle which fits in
virtually any petite parking space.

"I can't even imagine how badly I would be mangled if I
would wrecked it," he said.

Hume also pointed out that the Sparrow can only handle a
limited number of miles in one sitting -- between 30-40 to
be exact. There will be no cross- country road trips for
Hume. But not to worry, he does have a back-up at home --
his trusty truck.

And Hume shares the wealth -- he will allow anyone to drive
the Sparrow. All they have to do is ask.

"I'll let anyone drive it. When I let people drive it, they
always get out with a big smile on their face. Everyone
who's driven it just loves it. And the kids, they just think
it is so cool."

Apparently, so do big-name celebrities. Hume said Jay Leno
and Mike Myers -- star of Austin Powers -- are among the
privileged who have one sitting in their garage.

And as for the little tidbits everybody is dying to know --
Hume has had the Sparrow at 71 mph and paid $16,000 for the
miniature car, a good investment according to Hume. After
all, it isn't everyday that you get to plug your car in next
to your coffee pot.  (Bunch can be reached at 772-9372 or
via e-mail at [EMAIL PROTECTED]) Originally published
Monday, October 21, 2002

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EVLN(USM emblazoned Lido has more room than a golf cart)
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Friday, October 18, 2002 
USM fan driven to show team spirit Lido emblazoned with
school logos  Janet Braswell  American Senior Writer

Fans strolling around the University of Southern Mississippi
campus Saturday won't have any reason to doubt which team
Dempsey Lawler supports.

They'll see Lawler, a semi-retired private investigator,
decked out in USM clothing and tooling around in a black and
gold electric car emblazoned with USM logos.

"We ordered it out of California," Lawler said. "It's
special-ordered for USM's colors. After it came in, I had
the logos put on."

The car is a Lido, described by designer Lee Iacocca as a
Neighborhood Electric Vehicle - a street-legal, low speed
personal vehicle designed for short commutes.

"This will go 40 miles without recharging," Lawler said.
"We'll take it to the ballgame and ride around campus."

Lawler bought the Lido about a year ago for $10,700, mostly
for use at the camp he and his wife, Martha, own in southern
Forrest County.

"We had a regular golf cart, but as the grandbabies got
older, I didn't have enough room to ride them around," he

Five-year-old Mary Catlin Lawler is as big a fan of the car
as her grandfather is.

"She loves that little car," said her father, Doug Lawler of
Hattiesburg. "Anytime we go to the camp, she wants to know
if we can ride in the car."

The Lido comes equipped with rack-and-pinion steering,
13-inch wheels and tires, hydraulic brakes, automotive
lighting and seat belts.

"Usually people have a bunch of questions about it," Doug
Lawler said.

Dempsey Lawler, former director of public safety for
Hattiesburg, has served as president of the Big Gold Club
and the Hardwood Club and will have his entire family at the
game - wife, four children and their spouses, seven
grandchildren and a grandson-in-law.

"That's a family thing," he said. "I never gone to school
there, but Martha graduated, all three boys graduated, a
granddaughter did. We've got two grandsons there now."

Janet Braswell can be reached at (601) 584-3111 or by e-mail

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EVLN(MP Markets High Performance Li-Ion Batt Systems)
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Micro Power Launches High Performance Lithium-Ion Battery
Systems to National Marketplace
HILLSBORO, Ore.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 23, 2002--

Unique applications-driven development approach helps
portable equipment manufacturers achieve higher battery
efficiencies and longer run times Micro Power Electronics,
Inc. today announced a national initiative to support the
growing demand from engineers for high-performance battery

As the premier developer of custom battery systems for use
in performance-critical applications, Micro Power is
addressing the pervasive battery life problems facing the
portable power industry, as manufacturers require more
usable power to support a new generation of portable

"Battery pack development has evolved from a simple assembly
task into a complex systems process," said Greg Love, chief
executive officer for Micro Power. "Due to the high levels
of battery expertise and sophisticated equipment needed to
properly optimize a battery system for an application,
portable equipment manufacturers are relying on capable
battery developers, such as Micro Power, to design and
manufacture their solutions."

Micro Power's unique development methodology has led to the
rapid adoption of its Lithium-ion smart battery packs for
performance-critical applications in the health care, field
instrument and handheld computing markets. Micro Power
battery systems are used in portable defibrillators, patient
monitoring equipment, blood analyzers, portable ultrasound,
data collection terminals, security equipment and portable
test and measurement instruments.

With a scaleable world-class manufacturing enterprise that
is FDA registered and ISO 9001 certified, Micro Power's
initiative represents its continued commitment to provide
technical excellence, high quality solutions and
award-winning service to customers.

"Aggressive power utilization is widening the gap between a
battery's total energy and its deliverable energy, resulting
in lower than expected run times," said Love. "Dynamic power
requirements, high discharge rates, extreme operating
temperatures and aggressive charging methods are causing
severe capacity losses in battery systems not properly
designed for the application."

To address this growing concern, Micro Power has developed a
unique applications-driven development process. Using
predictive characterization methods, in combination with
accurate performance verification, Micro Power engineers are
able to optimize a battery system's design for its target
device to minimize power loss and battery wear. They're able
to push the performance envelopes of battery systems to
achieve the highest battery efficiencies and run times,
while maintaining the maximum levels of reliability and

"As portable devices play a more central role in our work
environments, health care systems and field-service
organizations, the run time performance, durability and
reliability of battery systems will become critically more
important, leaving absolutely no room for unpleasant
surprises, problems and failures to occur during use," added

About Micro Power Electronics Incorporated
Micro Power Electronics Incorporated is an ISO 9001
certified and FDA registered supplier of custom battery
systems for the portable healthcare, field-service and
handheld computing markets. As a pioneer in the development
of Lithium battery systems and smart battery packs, with
over 15 years experience developing battery solutions for
the world's most demanding customers, Micro Power is capable
of meeting the most challenging power requirements. Offering
state-of-the-art cell chemistries, accurate fuel gauging
technologies and the latest in smart battery options, Micro
Power battery systems are optimized to deliver maximum
performance in the customer's application and verified
extensively to perform reliably and safely in challenging
work environments. With a proven track record of technical
excellence, quality solutions and award-winning service,
Micro Power has become the fastest growing supplier of
custom battery systems in North America.  

Micro Power's mission is to develop the world's most
dependable power sources for portable equipment to enable
manufacturers to un-tether their technologies from the power
sockets that confine them -- making them mobile and more
accessible to people who critically need them. For more
information on Micro Power, please contact 800/576-6177, or
SOURCE:  Micro Power 10/23/2002 06:01 EASTERN

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