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  1) EVLN(Roderick is Wilde about EVs)
        by Bruce EVangel Parmenter <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
  2) EVLN(Zap's 13m think bid of stock and warrants)
        by Bruce EVangel Parmenter <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
  3) EVLN(Reva bags UK order for 2.5 lakh cars)
        by Bruce EVangel Parmenter <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
  4) EVLN(%Texaco to continue to make hybrid batts too expensive%)
        by Bruce EVangel Parmenter <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
  5) EVLN(Convertible and a pick-up Reva EV models)
        by Bruce EVangel Parmenter <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
  6) EVLN(Tax breaks for hybrids likely to die)
        by Bruce EVangel Parmenter <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
  7) EVLN(Holden Pushes For Aussie Hybrid)
        by Bruce EVangel Parmenter <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
  8) EVLN(EV test drives @ 02 Seoul Car-Free Day)
        by Bruce EVangel Parmenter <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
  9) EVLN(Powabyke Ebike is no sweat)
        by Bruce EVangel Parmenter <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
 10) Re: EVLN(EVs have fumes everyone can see)
        by "Lawrence Rhodes" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
 11) Silent Thunder Sacramento Nedra drag pics
        by Bruce EVangel Parmenter <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
 12) Re: VW donor questions
        by [EMAIL PROTECTED]
 13) Re: Lightweight Jeeps
        by "Mark Hanson" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
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EVLN(Roderick is Wilde about EVs)
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EV PARTS INC.  Getting a charge out of electric cars

Roderick Wilde, president of EV Parts Inc., pulls a wheelie
through Port Townsend on his electric scooter, one of the
products his company sells. By Nicole Gagnon For The Sun -

A Port Townsend man is amped about the potential, for
transportation and for profit, of vehicles eschewing the
internal combustion engine.

With his hair down and motorcycle leathers on, Port
Townsend's Roderick Wilde likes driving in the fast lane.

Just don't be surprised if he passes you in a golf cart.

"I ask people with Dodge Vipers, 'Why do you want such a
slow car?' " jokes Wilde, driver of an electric
300-horsepower golf cart dubbed "AmpRage."

But for the 55-year-old racing enthusiast, electric vehicles
are more than just good clean fun. They're serious

Wilde is president of EV Parts Inc., which he says is the
world's largest online retailer of electronic vehicle parts
and components. The Lynnwood-based store sells equipment for
electric vehicles, robotics, industry, marine and RV
applications, health care and mobility products and
renewable energy markets.

According to Wilde, keeping pace with changing technologies
is key to EV Parts' success. Concerns about energy
efficiency and the environment have attracted more and more
companies to invest in electric- powered machines.

"We know that China plans on making Beijing all electric for
the 2008 Olympics and that all ground support equipment in
commercial airports in the United States is being mandated
to be all-electric in seven years," he says.

This trend has been a long time in coming for Wilde, who
learned at an early age about the disadvantages of
gas-powered vehicles.

"My dad worked as a Chrysler service manager. When I was in
the second grade he would time how fast I could take apart
and put together a carburetor," recalls Wilde. "I remember
him saying that the internal combustion engine was stupid."

Though Wilde spent many years working on hot rods, he
quickly switched gears after taking his first ride in an
electric car.

"In 1992 I visited Ray Nadreau, president of SEVA (Seattle
Electric Vehicle Association), and he took me for a ride in
an electric car," he recalls.

"I didn't think anyone would want to buy one because they
were awfully slow, so I started messing with it."

By 1993 he was racing electric cars at Phoenix International
Raceway, and a year later he and his partner, Bob Rickard,
had launched their own business, Wilde Evolutions,
converting gas-powered cars into electrics.

In 2001 his company was acquired by the start-up EV Parts
Inc. and Wilde was brought on as president.

The advantages of an electric car are numerous, according to

"If you look at how far a person commutes each day vs. how
far an electric car goes, it's a no-brainer."

In addition, the car's battery can act as stored energy. In
the case of power outages, energy could be transferred from
the batteries by plugging the vehicle into a house.

Pollution reduction is another issue that hits close to

"In Seattle there is (a) ton of pollution from cars idling,"
he says. "When an electric car stops, there is no sound
whatsoever. People don't hear the exhaust so they think it

For Wilde, though, it's not enough that electric vehicles
are the smarter choice. They have to be cool, too.

"I consider myself a conservative radical," says Wilde, who
had his slogan, "Suck Amps," tattooed to his right

In 1999, Wilde — then vice president of The National
Electric Drag Racing Association (NEDRA) — and Bill Dube,
NEDRA's tech officer, successfully lobbied the National Hot
Rod Association to change its rule of only admitting
internal combustion engines.

Wilde has competed in several races, driving cars like his
"Maniac Mazda," billed as the world's quickest street
electric vehicle. He's even putting extra zip into personal
mobility vehicles.

"In case I ever got old, I was going to build a wheelchair
that goes

100 mph," says Wilde, grinning. In the meantime, he's
working on creating one that will help the handicapped

"Once you are handicapped, they put you at 5 mph, but some
people's brains are still moving. What if you are a risk

Trevor Snowden is just such a man.

When the world-class snowboarder became a paraplegic after
an injury, he asked Wilde to design an electric drive that
would allow his wheelchair to jump a row of Cadillacs.

Despite the many benefits of electric vehicles, Wilde says
his challenge is not to change people's minds but their

"It's more than a logical thing, it's an emotional thing.
Our culture has a love affair with the automobile, so any
movement to change it needs a fad."

According to Wilde, one of the most misunderstood things
about electric vehicles is that they already exist in our
daily lives.

Buses in Seattle and even toothbrushes rely on electric
components. Few people realize that at the turn of the
century there were more electric motor cars than gas. And
yet there are some states that restrict the use of electric
vehicles on the roadways.

According to Wilde, Washington recently legalized board

In the end, Wilde sees his efforts as a catalyst for
cultural change.

"I believe we live in a fat culture where people give lip
service to the environment. Decisions are made based on cost
and fun, so the racing scene makes electric vehicles cool."
Published in The Sun: 10/28/2002

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EVLN(Zap's 13m think bid of stock and warrants)
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LAZARUS AT LARGE   Zap's spark of genius
David Lazarus, Chronicle Staff Writer
Wednesday, November 6, 2002

Zap, Sebastopol's scrappy maker of electric scooters and
bikes, is apparently serious when it says it wants to spend
$13 million to buy Ford's moribund electric vehicle

On the other hand, considering that Zap has only about
$500,000 in ready cash and is basing the acquisition almost
entirely on stock and warrants, it could be that the company
realistically expects to get little for its efforts but a
passel of free publicity.

Just for the hell of it, though, let's take Zap at its word
that the company, which only recently emerged from
bankruptcy reorganization, honestly believes it has the
wherewithal to be a player in the auto industry.

"There are companies that have to make bold moves to make a
difference in this world," said Steve Schneider, who was
named Zap's new chief executive officer last week. "That's
what we're doing."

Boldly, Zap added an additional $3 million to its buyout
offer Monday after announcing on Halloween -- trick or treat
-- that it was prepared to shell out $10 million for Ford's
electric vehicle line.

Ford, which paid $23 million in 1999 for Norwegian
electric-vehicle technology, had said in August that it was
going to pull the plug on the enterprise. The No. 2 U.S.
automaker cited low sales and a lack of government support
for developing the electric-vehicle market.

But where Ford sees a dead end, Zap sees open road.

"We have the opportunity to do this the right way,"
Schneider told me. "Ford is putting its energy in a
different direction. We're focused."

A Ford spokeswoman declined to comment on Zap's offer or to
say whether other bids have been made for the automaker's
electric-vehicle assets, including the Think electric car.

Lest it appear that I'm skeptical about Zap's chances here
-- and, admittedly, I am -- let me say right now that I
support any effort to promote alternative fuels and wean the
United States from its costly and dangerous addiction to
foreign oil.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, America consumes
about 20 million barrels of oil every day, with
transportation accounting for two- thirds of the total.

Yet more than half of the country's oil is imported from
abroad. Within 20 years, according to some estimates, that
total will rise to nearly 70 percent.

How have Americans responded to this alarming trend? They've
rushed out and purchased fat, gas- thirsty sport utility
vehicles. Sales of SUVs surpassed passenger cars for the
first time ever last year.

As a result, the average mileage of vehicles sold in the
United States is now 24 miles per gallon -- the lowest level
since 1980.

So when Zap says it's ready to leap headfirst into the
electric-car business, I say, "Go for it, dudes."

And never mind that the company is in essence offering Ford
an ownership stake in a business the automaker has already
said it wants to get out of. Hey, it's the thought that

At least Zap is dreaming big.
"Imagine a world where you have an electric vehicle that
travels 240 miles and takes only an hour to recharge,"
Schneider said. "That's what we're bringing to the market."

If so, this would represent a quantum leap forward in
electric-vehicle technology. Existing EVs have operational
ranges of between 50 and 130 miles, according to government
figures, and typically require hours to recharge their

Schneider said Zap's new technology is coming from China,
but he refused to go into specifics. A Hong Kong firm called
Daka Development, which makes motorized bicycles, owns 15
percent of Zap.

"This technology will change the way people look at electric
vehicles," Schneider said. "Even if we can't come to terms
with Ford, we'd still go forward."

Zap's new car resembles a souped-up golf cart -- a stubby
little thing with doors and a roof and room for only two
people. It may be nimble enough for the freeway, but you'd
probably want to think twice before venturing there.

To its credit, Zap virtually reinvented the electric-
scooter market with its popular Zappy line, a favorite of
dot-com dweebs everywhere. Publicly listed Zap expects about
$8 million in revenue this year.

However, the company has yet to turn a profit. Its stock
closed Tuesday at $1.50.

My biggest concern is that no matter how much U.S. consumers
say they care about the environment and our dependence on
overseas oil, that concern has yet to translate into robust
sales for alternative-fuel vehicles.

Eric Hicks, owner of San Francisco's Extreme Green Machines,
a purveyor of scooters and other such toys, was an early
convert to electric cars -- and didn't much care for the

"The city's not a friendly place for these things," he said.
"One, there's the hills. Two, you have to park on the
sidewalk to plug it in. I got tickets all over the place."

Or take the case of John Mackey, president of Heritage Bank
in Terrell, Texas, whom I encountered at Extreme Green
Machines shopping for scooters for his kids. I asked if he'd
ever consider buying an electric car.

Mackey chuckled. "I'm six-foot-five, 250 pounds," he
drawled. "You think I'm going to fit in one of those

"Besides," he added, "back home we're all into SUVs, big
things. Everyone on my block drives an SUV."

Will Zap succeed? I sure hope so. But look what it's up
against.  ,laz

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EVLN(Reva bags UK order for 2.5 lakh cars)
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Reva bags UK order for 2.5 lakh cars  GIRISH RAO

BANGALORE: Reva Electric Car Co (RECC) is gearing up to make
the big splash over the next 12 months riding on a wave of
exports, new variants and the long-awaited tax break for
selling cars to government agencies. The Bangalore-based car
maker is also targeting operating break-even in the second
half of ’03, two years after rolling out its first car in
the market.

RECC’s chairman S K Maini told ET that the company has
recently secured the government nod for an approximate Rs
75,000 tax concession on each Reva car sold to public sector
companies, government departments etc. This should bring
down the price of the basic model from about Rs 2,49,340
(ex- showroom Bangalore) to around Rs 1.8 lakh for this
segment of customers.

The company has started making some headway in the
international market in recent months. Expressions of
interest and confirmed orders have started filtering in from
some countries, including Israel, Greece, UK, Malta, USA,
Malaysia and Indonesia for this eco-friendly car.

In fact, the business interests in Malaysia have actually
suggested the possibility of manufacturing Reva car there in
order to gain cost benefits. Reva’s partner in UK, Going
Green, an English retailing house, has meanwhile signed up
for buying 2,50,000 cars over a 10-year period.

According to Chetain Maini, the company’s managing director,
sales of 2,500 to 3,000 Reva cars is expected next year,
including nearly 50% exports. RECC should be producing about
250 cars a month by the middle of next year, which will take
the company to operating breakeven point for the first time.
At present, it is doing 50 plus a month. The plant has the
capacity to do up to 6,000 electric cars annually.

RECC is behind the target it set for itself at the time of
the launch. Mr Maini said communicating the benefits of this
technology among potential users has been slow which has
prevented any rapid spurt in sales.

However, Reva’s growing footprint in the West will help in
brand building and improving the confidence levels of people
and its market back home. Once the volumes grow — post
breakeven level — RECC can relook at its present pricing
structure in order to make the offer more attractive.

Reva currently offers a power tran which can get the car to
run for upto 80 km on one charge with a maximum speed of 60
km. RECC is working on more powerful variants — drive longer
distances at higher speeds — which can be offered next year,
based on customer demand, Mr Maini said.

RECC on Wednesday launched two variants of the existing
model. At a media briefing, Mr Maini announced that Reva
Zephyr, priced at Rs 3,75,000 (ex-showroom in Bangalore), is
a convertible with accessories like alloy wheels, leather
seats, a hi- end stereo system, body coloured bumbers and a
soft top.

The other model is Reva Classe, which at Rs 2,99,500, offers
air- conditioning with remote control facility, leather
upholstery, central locking, music system, special carpets
etc. The company is treating the convertible as a limited
edition variant, producing about 250 cars, to be delivered
between May and September next year. The bookings will begin
now even as the roadshows happen across key metros.

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EVLN(%Texaco to continue to make hybrid batts too expensive%)
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Plant to make batteries used in hybrid cars
$14M facility being built in Springboro
By Christopher Montgomery  Dayton Daily News

SPRINGBORO | A plant that will make batteries for
electric-gas hybrid cars and other applications could create
more than 200 jobs during the next few years.

Officials from Texaco Ovonic Battery Systems were in
Springboro on Tuesday for the plant’s groundbreaking. The
company is spending about $14 million for the facility,
which is expected to start production in April.

Texaco Ovonic Battery Systems is a 50-50 joint venture
between ChevronTexaco Corp. and Energy Conversion Devices
Inc., a Rochester Hills, Mich.-based company that makes
rechargeable batteries for items ranging from electric
vehicles to consumer electronics. General Motors Corp. used
to have an interest in the venture, but sold its share to
Texaco in 2000.

The company has a plant in Kettering that employs 36 and
makes nickel metal hydride batteries. But Plant Manager Gary
Absher said the new facility will have automation
capabilities that will allow it to produce a larger volume
of batteries and employ more workers. The work force at the
plant on Pioneer Boulevard in Springboro is expected to be
in the 200 to 300 range, he said.

Absher said the time is right for NiMH battery technology.
Texaco Ovonic Battery Systems used to produce batteries for
GM’s now-discontinued EV1 electric car and other GM
programs. But with Japanese automakers, most notably Toyota
and Honda, developing ambitious plans for electric- hybrid
vehicles, the market is growing for NiMH batteries, he

Tom Neslage, president and chief operating officer of Texaco
Ovonic Battery Systems, said, "We hope that the American
automobile industry will pick up on the signal and choose us
as a partner."

Stan Ovshinsky, president and chief executive officer of
Energy Conversion Devices, said NiMH batteries are part of
the transformation to a "hydrogen economy," which uses
hydrogen as its primary power source instead of fossil
fuels. [From the Dayton Daily News: 10.30.2002]

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EVLN(Convertible and a pick-up Reva EV models)
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Reva plans convertible, pick- ups TIMES NEWS NETWORK ?
[ WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 13, 2002 11:24:44 PM ]

NEW DELHI: After finding a toehold in the domestic car
market with electric car Reva, the Bangalore-based Reva
Electric Car Co is now driving into the lifestyle and
commercial vehicle segments. The firm has already developed
an open-top convertible and a pick- up vehicle on the Reva
platform and also working on a battery- powered commercial

The new models are expected to be commercially available in
2003, Reva Electric Car (RECC) MD Chetan Maini said. While
the convertible, christened Zephyr, would be priced close to
Rs 3.75 lakh, the basic pick-up version would sport a tag of
Rs 3 lakh. The firm hopes to sell around 200 units of Zephyr
in 2003.

“The pick-up has been designed specifically for the armed
forces.  It will be an ideal vehicle for carrying low weight
goods as also for towing. The vehicle is now being tested by
the armed forces,” Maini added. “The commercial vehicle is
still in the development stages.”

The firm has also launched a fully loaded version of the car
— Reva Classe, boasting of a remote-controlled
air-conditioner, central locking and leather upholstery.

“The air-conditioner in Classe can be activated using a
remote control device even while it is parked or being
charged,” he said.

The Classe sports an introductory price of Rs 3.18 lakh.

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EVLN(Tax breaks for hybrids likely to die)
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Tuesday, November 12, 2002
Tax breaks for hybrids likely to die
Although automakers support plan, its fate is tied to energy
bill in lame-duck Congress
By Jeff Plungis / Detroit News Washington Bureau

Stoking demand for cleaner cars

Examples of tax credits that would be available to consumers
under the Clean Efficient Automobiles Resulting from
Advanced Car Technologies Act, or CLEAR Act, bill sponsored
by U.S. Rep. Dave Camp, R-Midland:

$4,000 for a car or light truck powered by fuel cells that
achieves less than 150 percent of its 2000 model year fuel
economy rating.

$8,000 if the fuel-cell vehicle achieves a 300 percent fuel
economy increase over its 2000 model year fuel economy

$250 for a gas-electric hybrid that relies on its electrical
system for between 5 percent and 10 percent of its power and
achieves less than 125 percent of its 2000 model year fuel

$4,000 for a gas-electric hybrid that relies on its
electrical system for more than 30 percent of its power and
achieves at least 250 percent of its 2000 model year fuel

$4,000 for a pure electric vehicle.

$6,000 for a pure electric vehicle that can drive at least
100 miles on a single charge.
Source: H.R. 1864

WASHINGTON -- A two-year effort to offer enhanced tax breaks
and rebates to consumers who purchase vehicles with
energy-saving technology will most likely die when Congress
adjourns later this month.

While the Republican takeover in the Senate could produce a
friendlier tax code when lawmakers return in January, the
latest delay will be a disappointment for automakers.

Major automakers and a coalition of environmental groups
have labored since the early days of the Bush administration
to make auto tax credits a key part of a new U.S. energy

Detroit is hoping that Congress signs off on consumer
rebates of up to $4,000 per vehicle to help offset the high
cost of making vehicles that use a combination of gas and
electric power and other new technology that helps cars
conserve gas.

General Motors Corp., Ford Motor Co. and DaimlerChrysler
Corp. consider the tax credits crucial to industry efforts
to build a viable consumer market for gas- electric hybrid
and fuel cell technology.

"(These tax credits) would accelerate the introduction of
new technologies," said Mike Staton, lobbyist for the
Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers in Washington.

The fate of the proposed credits is tied to a broad energy
bill, which is unlikely to survive Congress' lame-duck

The auto companies maintain they cannot meet tougher fuel-
economy mandates unless consumers are willing to pay for new

"It's not going to prevent the introduction of these
technologies," said Dennis Fitzgibbons, director of public
policy for DaimlerChrysler AG. "The question is how big the
penetration is."

In September and October, House and Senate negotiators tried
to bridge the differences between competing bills. The talks
broke off when Congress recessed for the election.

The proposed tax credits are backed by a coalition that
includes conservative Republicans, liberal Democrats,
automakers and environmental groups such as the Union of
Concerned Scientists and Environmental Defense.

"There's strong bipartisan support and no real opposition to
the idea of having automotive tax credits in an energy
bill," said Kevin Mills, senior attorney with Environmental

"There's a whole lot of people who are looking after it, to
make sure there's a tax credit package."

The Bush administration proposed a $10 billion package of
incentives as part of an energy bill in May 2001. At the
same time, the administration wanted to hold down the cost
of the entire package of energy-related tax provisions,
which had grown to $22 billion in the Senate.

Negotiators agreed on a compromise $15 billion package when
talks broke off in October, according to Janet Mullins
Grissom, vice president of Washington affairs for Ford Motor

During congressional consideration of the energy bill, the
automotive tax credits were projected to cost the U.S.
Treasury about $2 billion over five years.

Budget matters will dominate the rare lame-duck session of
Congress that begins next week. Lawmakers have passed only
two of 13 annual spending bills the government needs to

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EVLN(Holden Pushes For Aussie Hybrid)
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Holden Pushes For Hybrid Car To Cut Fuel Bills In Half
10 November 2002  Author: Toby Hagon  Provider: Sun Herald

THE Holden Commodore may become one of the cleanest and
greenest cars around, with the manufacturer hoping to have
perfected an electric hybrid motor within a decade.

Holden may produce a petrol-electric Commodore as early as
2010 as part of a push to reduce the fuel consumption of
Australia's best-selling car. Insiders say the chance of the
project being completed is ``better than 50-50''.

Speaking at the V6 engine plant in Port Melbourne, Holden
chairman and managing director Peter Hanenberger said a
petrol-electric, or hybrid, Commodore was a possibility.
Adding an electric motor to assist a petrol engine may halve
petrol costs and provide a selling point for export markets.
Mr Hanenberger's comments are a shift from his previous
stance to bypass hybrid cars and move towards fuel cells.

Mr Hanenberger has reservations about what would be a
significant investment. After all, there are only a handful
of hybrid cars on sale worldwide, including the Toyota Prius
and Honda Insight. ``This is the decision we have to make:
do we use this [petrol-electric technology] here in
Australia, maybe as an interim step, or do we go full fuel
cell?'' he said.

``There will be a lot [more] information next year.''

Mr Hanenberger believes the interim step to a hybrid car,
which was previewed with the ECOmmodore concept car of two
years ago, may boost exports.

Fuel economy with the Commodore was ``very high'' on the
agenda now.

``Because that's what it's all about, in export in
particular,'' he said. ``We might have to do a hybrid car
for our export partners.''

Mr Hanenberger said if the hybrid project progressed, the
engine would be produced at Fishermans Bend using one of the
new V6 engines, the first to be built late next year, mated
to an electric motor.

The original ECOmmodore concept had a four-cylinder engine
with an electric motor.

While Mr Hanenberger suggested local sales of such a hybrid
would be unlikely, other Holden staff believe there may be
demand here, particularly with government fleets.

Already some government departments in Victoria and
Queensland use the $40,000 Prius to make a green statement,
while the NSW Government recently committed to buying 200 of
the Corolla-sized sedans.
Copyright of John Fairfax Group Pty Ltd

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EVLN(EV test drives @ 02 Seoul Car-Free Day)
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Car-Free Day to Be Held in Seoul on November 17 by Kim

The 2002 Car-Free Day in Seoul organizing committee,
composed of eight civic organizations, announced Wednesday
it will host a citizens' street festival on November 17 in
the Daehakno streets near Marronnier Park. The festival is
rolling out a variety of events from 1:00pm to 4:00pm,
including a campaign with participants riding a bike or
inline skating, test driving an electric car, and
traditional dance performances.

You can reach Jeff Plungis at (202) 662-7378 or 

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EVLN(Powabyke Ebike is no sweat)
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http://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/features/story.jsp?story=351809 13
November 2002
Battery bike is no sweat  By Robin Morton, Business
 Correspondent [ [EMAIL PROTECTED] ]

ONE of the few drawbacks to cycling to work is that you tend
to arrive in the office of a morning in something of a pool
of sweat.

But now there is a means of completing the journey by
bicycle and being able to stroll to your desk without even a
hint of a perspiring brow.

It is called Powabyke, and it is an electric two-wheeler
that will sail up hill and down dale without pausing for

Thanks to the good offices of Excelsior Distribution of
Mallusk, which handles the Powabyke range, I was given the
opportunity to try out a £649 seven- speed folding bike for
a week.

You don't need a licence, insurance or road tax, and you
don't have to worry about car park charges or petrol

With a range of 20 miles and a maximum speed of 15mph on the
flat, the little bike proved to be surprisingly nippy around

Each evening, you plug in the battery, which is carried on
the luggage rack, and recharge it at an estimated cost of
about 30p.

Then in the morning, unplug the charger, don cycle helmet
and fit trouser clips, insert key into control unit on the
handlebars and sally forth.

To get under way, you simply rotate a throttle with your
right hand and hey presto, you are in motion.

You don't have to worry about the gears unless you wish to
apply extra pressure by means of the pedals.

But unless you encounter an exceptionally steep incline, you
can simply sit there, your only duties being to steer a
course and brake.

A row of six red lights on the control unit indicates how
much charge is left in the battery, and if the worst comes
to the worst, you can always pedal your own way home.

The power is transmitted through the front wheel and the
machine accelerates impressively, emitting only a quiet purr
rather like one of the old milk floats.

But once it reaches its cruising speed, which I found to be
a sedate 10- 12mph, the power surge eases and unless you
pedal, you find yourself being overtaken by perspiring

With a fully charged battery, the velocipede was powerful
enough to transport me up Stranmillis hill, my
gravity-defying feats leading to bemused looks from some of

The Powabyke has many of the plus points of a standard
pushbike in that you can use cycle lanes and bus lanes to
bypass the traffic jams.

But the fold-up bike is more cumbersome and awkward to pedal
than my usual bike, although my briefcase fitted snugly onto
the luggage rack.

Sadly, however, even electric bicycles cannot avoid one of
the pitfalls of cycling in Belfast - glass on the streets.

One morning, after making a fine ascent of Stranmillis hill,
the Powabyke ground to a rather embarrassing halt when I
inadvertently rode over a broken bottle.

The back tyre was flat as a pancake but fortunately I was
able to fold up the bike and stow it in the boot of a taxi
which conveyed machine and me to the office.

The puncture was later repaired by the time-honoured means
of applying a patch, and I was back in business for the
homeward run.

Otherwise, my journey to work took slightly longer than
usual, but was considerably less effort.

But then again, one of the advantages of cycling to the
office is that you can get a little exercise en route to
work, and again on the way home.

So would I trade in my existing bike for a Powabyke? The
honest answer is no, not at present any way.

Nice to try and fun to ride but I rely on the regular
exercise quotient offered by cycling to prevent major
expansion of my waistline.

But for those who are looking for an effortless, economic
and environmentally friendly alternative to the car or bus,
I would have no hesitation in recommending a Powabyke.

And a firm fan of the Powabyke is Andy McCrea, Northern
Ireland Electricity's environmental manager.

He said: "We use Powabykes as a fun way of promoting
renewable energy sources such as Eco Energy.

"But as well as bikes, there are now electric vans and
scooters, which can be powered using Eco Energy

"They are zero emission vehicles which can help to reduce
the environmental impact that modern transport imposes on
the environment."


-Powabykes are available through local bicycle shops, and
 there are six models from which to choose.

-They range from the seven-speed folding bike to a shopper,
 a Powatryke, a 21-speed Euro Powabyke and a 24-speed
 Commuter Powabyke.

-Prices range from £539 to £849, and a replacement battery
 costs £80.

-Among the organisations that make use of Powabykes are
 Belfast City Council and the Ecos Centre in Ballymena.

-Riders must be 14 or older but no licence, insurance or
 road tax is required.

-Re-charging the battery takes eight hours on full charge.

-For full details of the Powabyke range, contact Tim Gibson
 of Excelsior Distribution in Mallusk, telephone 9034-2524.

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Florida.  What a perfect place for and EV charged by PV.  True free energy.
You just have to pay for the toys.  Lawrence Rhodes...
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From: "Bruce EVangel Parmenter" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Sent: Thursday, November 14, 2002 1:04 AM
Subject: EVLN(EVs have fumes everyone can see)

> EVLN(EVs have fumes everyone can see)
> [The Internet Electric Vehicle List News. For Public EV
>  informational purposes. Contact publication for reprint rights.]
>  --- {EVangel}
> http://www.pensacolanewsjournal.com/news/111002/Business/ST003.shtml
> Search for alternative-fuel cars comes at a critical time
> Charlotte Crane
> News Journal Business Editor Emeritus
> Crane's column, covering the Northwest Florida business and
> economic scene, runs Sundays.  Phone: 850-435-8533; fax:
> 435-8633;
> A reader was right recently to point out that electric cars
> have fumes, too. Emissions come from the electric-generating
> plant producing the auto`s plug- in power.
> But his accuracy stopped there. When it comes to spewing
> nitrous oxide stew, motor vehicles are top dogs. Regulators
> say the electric vehicle is friendlier to the environment
> than the gas-burner, even though coal-fired power plants
> also contribute to smog. Powering a car by electricity
> reduces greenhouse gas emissions per mile traveled by about
> 50 percent.
> Part of the problem in finger- pointing in our rising energy
> dilemma is that every auto owner drives around with a
> personal tailpipe - but it`s behind him. But the utility
> company`s smokestacks are high in the sky for everyone to
> see.
> Background: DaimlerChrysler`s Global Electric MotorCar (GEM)
> recently went on sale in Pensacola.
> Advantages: No noise, no emissions and cheap to keep.
> Disadvantages: It needs recharging about every 35 miles,
> taking six hours, and top speed is around 25. It`s not a
> highway drive, but it is a niche vehicle, popular for
> campuses, work sites, and increasingly for posh
> neighborhoods - where clean and quiet is chic.
> Comparison of gasoline-vs.-electric for Florida drivers
> isn`t easy. The GEM car is the only all-electric,
> limited-roadway car available locally. Florida doesn`t have
> tax incentives or mandates to spur EV sales, as do
> California and New York. But highway hybrids, combination
> gasoline and electric- powered, are available.
> Regulators and manufacturers are pushing development of
> alternative- fuel cars consuming less gasoline and spewing
> less gas. Critical issues considering deterioration of U.S.
> urban air and growing dependence on foreign oil. The search
> for alternatives also comes at a critical time, as U.S.
> consumers increasingly embrace gas-guzzlers.
> Piqued by the challenge over electric (i.e., coal) vs.
> gasoline emissions, I muddled through data from the
> Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Energy,
> finding a couple of meaningful comparisons. Closest
> comparable is for the Toyota RAV4 sport utility vehicle,
> available in electric and gasoline models (but electric are
> not sold here):
> Gasoline model: miles per gallon, 26; annual fuel cost (for
> 15,000 miles), $894, at $1.55 per gallon; greenhouse gas
> emissions, 7.4 tons, (compares to 15.3, worst among all
> cars, and 3.1, the best).
> Electric model: miles per gallon, 112 (miles traveled using
> electricity equivalent to energy in a gallon of gasoline);
> annual fuel cost, $362 (at 8 cents per kilowatt hour; Gulf
> Power charges 7 cents); greenhouse gas emissions, 3.8 tons
> (amount emitted from the power plant to charge the car for
> 15,000 miles, at average U.S. power plant efficiency).
> Comparing hybrid and gasoline models is more relevant
> locally. Check the 2003 Honda Civic:
> Hybrid: miles per gallon, 48; annual fuel cost, $484;
> greenhouse gas emissions, 4 tons.
> Gasoline: miles per gallon, 33; annual fuel cost, $705;
> greenhouse gas emissions, 5.8 tons. Notes American Petroleum
> Institute: Gasoline prices were about 24 cents a gallon
> higher last week than a year ago.
> Business editor emeritus Charlotte Crane can be reached at
> 477-1542, or [EMAIL PROTECTED]
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My pics can be seen at:


If everyone has used up the site's bandwidth
and you can't see them, wait a day and try again.

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Where are you located ?
I am in Glastonbury, CT

On Wed, 13 Nov 2002 23:37:54 -0800 "Steve" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> Somewhere around here I have a super-diffed 4 speed IRS transaxle 
> with a
> locking differential and extra tough components, an adapter plate 
> and a few
> extra T-Rexs.  Anyone interested in taking them off my hands?  ;o)
> Steve
> > >If I stay in DC power mode...I would like to find out if I
> > can fit 16 optimas
> > >in it...that would put my battery pack weight at 770 lbs,
> > with a T-Rex
> > >1200-which should provide some serious scoot.
> >
> > Yes, it should!  The current big T-rex is 1000 amp now and water
> > cooled if I remember correctly.
> >
> > >WATTABMR with 32 Optimas is too heavy-it would be just about
> > perfect with 16
> > >group 31's.  If they are actually available, I might think
> > about re-packing it
> > >(for the 3rd configuration--new racks again!) and using my
> > YTs for the new EV
> > >(which doesn't have a name yet).
> > >Is that an unreasonable amount of weight (770 lb battery
> > pack) for a VW?
> >
> > No, in fact your finished Bradly may weigh less than a stock Bug.
> >
> > >Are there VW tire/wheel combos that will take that kind of
> > torque and transfer
> > >it efficiently into movement?  What about the transaxle?
> > >Michael B.
> >
> > As long as you maintain a proper rear weight bias (over 50%, try 
> not
> > to exceed 60%) you should have less traction problems than most 
> EVs
> > with that kind of power. If I really wanted to hook that power up 
> I
> > would be looking at some P235/60R15 tyres (about 26 inches tall).
> > Well, my first choice would be some 27x7x15 Firestone drag slicks 
> -
> > but the state patrol would complain. I wouldn't bet either being
> > anything like LLR :-)
> >
> > You don't need alot of rubber on the road to hook up like stink 
> with
> > the rear heavy weight bias. My Buggy used to have only 730 lbs in 
> the
> > back when ICE powered, ran rather narrow (still running these)
> > P225/75R15 tyres (about 6 1/4 inch of rubber on the road) and I 
> could
> > pull wheel stands. Not impressive ones, about 6 inches off the 
> ground
> > according to observers, but enuf to feel that loss of steering and
> > use up first gear getting across an intersection. You most likely
> > want something reasonable to the Bradly "look" and not tossing
> > rolling resistance totally to the wind, while hooking up quite 
> well
> > (and with the option of laying rubber). I'd be inclined to pick
> > something like some P185/65R15 front and P205/60R15 rear (back 
> tyres
> > about 0.2 inch taller and 0.75 inch more rubber on the road. These
> > sizes should allow choices with decent rolling resistance numbers 
> and
> > my guess is they are about right for a Bradly (but you need to get
> > the body on a frame and measure first).
> >
> > Transaxle?? Well, You really need to get into your transaxle if 
> you
> > are talking ADC9"/DCP type torque. You need a superdiff (4 spider
> > gears). You may need welded 3rd and 4th gears. I think that's it 
> as
> > long as you keep the weight under 2000lbs (should be easy with 16
> > Optimas in a kit car). You have 3 choices of R&P, 3rd, and 4th 
> gears
> > using stock parts. I'm betting that with those choices you can 
> find a
> > matched set to your motor/controller/voltage.
> >
> > Neon
> >

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The aluminum Mighty Mite Jeep was 1100 lbs made around 64' to be dropped out
of choppers in Nam for marines. I recall a guy I found on the web in PA when
doing a search that has some.
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From: "David Dymaxion" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Sent: Wednesday, November 13, 2002 12:56 PM
Subject: Lightweight Jeeps

> Those clever ProEV guys got me thinking about 4 wheel drive. Anyway,
> a new Jeep Wranger is about 3000 lbs, GVWR is about 4200. I was
> impressed. Then I saw the links below:
> http://www.usbodysource.com
> http://www.jpoffroad.com
> So it looks like the Jeep has about 500 pounds of payload left, even
> with 700 lbs of passengers. Remove ~600 lbs of ICE stuff, and lose
> another ~500 lbs (just a guess) of weight by switching to a
> fiberglass or aluminum body.
> That would leave about 700 pounds for passengers, 1600 pounds
> allowance for batteries and electric stuff, and you'd still be below
> GVWR. Glider weight would be ~1900 lbs, so with 28 optimas and ~300
> lbs of electric stuff you'd have 36% batteries by weight. If you
> could lose 300 more lbs (fiberglass seats, go to 2WD, lightweight
> bumpers) and add 300 lbs of batteries, you'd then have 49% batteries
> by weight.
> So not an EV1 beater, but a perhaps a good alternative to an S10
> truck.
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