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Date: Mon, 23 Jul 2007 23:39:11 -0700 (PDT)
From: Ricky Suiter <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Subject: Bridgestone Ecopia EP-03 Tires
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Ok so hoping this might help someone out there looking
for a purpose built LRR tire. The Honda EV Plus used
this tire in a 195/65R14 size, they still list it on
Bridgestone's web site. Although they list oem
fittment as a Honda Civic EV. 

So I first called up my trusted local Discount Tire
store, they had nothing in the computer about them and
recommend the Insignia tire in that size. Of course I
decline because I want *this* tire. I call the local
Firestone corporate store, they have nothing as well.
Hmm, ok I print out the information sheet and take it
to that store. There is an article number 060-070,
they search it in their system and sure enough it
comes up, but shows no stock at any of the local
stores. They get on the phone and call the main
warehouse who searches the article number and it comes
up national back order with no ETA. Frustrated I shoot
and email to Bridgestone corporate to see if I can get
these tires or not. 

I know the Ecopia EP-02, which is a truck and SUV size
tire is available on tirerack.com and was used on the
RAV4 EV. I didn't know if I'd be able to get the
smaller size Ecopia EP-03. I emailed tirerack even and
they said they weren't available.

Sure enough I get a prompt reply from Bridgestone
saying they are indeed available, but they will have
to be special ordered from Japan and it will be mid
September by the time they arrive. They actually had
to enter the tire in to their system so it would show
it could be ordered, they even called the store I went
to and gave them the procedure to order them. 

Back to the store, they ordered them! Price per tire
is about $100, which is a bit more than usual but the
things are coming 8000 miles (that's a guess) from
Japan. I get a call 2 days later, they found a set
hidden somewhere in California so now I'm supposed to
have them within a couple of days. So I'll know how
they do in a couple days or a couple weeks depending
on where they're coming from. The amazing part is when
I talked to the Bridgestone sales rep who got them in
the system for me I only said "Electric Vehicle," he
actually threw the term "low rolling resistance" out
there in our conversation! I was so impressed.

So what are they going on? I acquired a decent
condition running 2002 Ford Th!nk neighborhood with a
8 month old set of Deka batteries and the updated
DelatQ charger! It needs paint and a little other
reconditioning, but I'm planning on putting the
aftermarket motor in it, reprogramming and getting the
thing to keep up with regular traffic. By some mix up
I was issued a full registration with it, not a NEV
registration so I am feeling justified. The other
factor in this decision is the stock turf tires (which
don't roll all that well) are no longer made. Ford
still has them available, but they want $150 a copy!
So that made my decision easier because for a few more
bucks I could put really good looking wheels on it,
have a LRR tire and get a few more mph out of the
deal. I have experience putting LRR tires on GEM's and
they seem to have lost no range that way while gaining
more speed.

So if anyone wants a tire made for an EV they are
available no matter what anyone tells you.

92 Saturn SC conversion
AZ Alt Fuel Plates "ZEROGAS"

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