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  1) Re: Could higher pack voltage be stepped down for Curtis input?
        by Lee Hart <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
  2) Re: Lee, you alright?
        by Lee Hart <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
  3) NEDRA 10th Anniversary Nationals Press Release
        by "Roy LeMeur" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
  4) More Info on the NEDRA 10th Anniversary National EVent
        by "Roy LeMeur" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
  5) Re: [ElectricMotorcycles] Inspection Woes
        by "Dave Davidson" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
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>> this doesn't like much more than a series of switches, and not
>> all that expensive. A reed switch on one cable, and a heat sensor
>> switch on the controller. What else did you have in mind that
>> drives up the cost to new controller range?

From: Peter VanDerWal
> Hmm well, a pair of highpower contactors (S1 and S2), a high power
> diode, and of course the cost of any extra low voltage controllers
> you happen to fry trying to get everything right.

The nice thing about this circuit is that the contactors and/or diode are 
fairly inexpensive and low-rated parts. At most, the current should be less 
than the controller's current limit. At most, the voltage across them won't 
exceed the 36v pack voltage. So, you can use low-voltage parts typically found 
in golf carts.

The hard part of this circuit is the control system. If you just throw it 
together with *no* control circuit, and depend on the operator to only open or 
close those contactors at the "right" times, then sooner or later he will mess 
up, and murder his controller.

"Excellence does not require perfection." -- Henry James
Lee A. Hart, 814 8th Ave N, Sartell MN 56377, leeahart-at-earthlink.net

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From: Dave Cover
> Just heard about the bridge collapse, hope you were home at the time.
> Our thoughts are with those who were involved.

Yes, we're all fine here. Thanks for your concern! I just heard about it 
myself. That bridge is about 70 miles away from here.

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--- Begin Message --- Subject: Electric Drag Racing - NEDRA 10th Anniversary National Event in Portland, OR - 8/17/07 and 8/18/07

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: NEDRA 10th Anniversary National Event 8/17/07 and 8/18/07 at Portland International Raceway - 6PM till Midnight.

Roy LeMeur
NEDRA Northwest Regional Director
The National Electric Drag Racing Association
NEDRA 10th Anniversary National Event 8/17/07 and 8/18/07 at Portland International Raceway - 6PM till Midnight.

As our 10th anniversary event approaches, NEDRA is experiencing unprecedented interest in electric drag racing.

We will have the largest group of battery-powered drag racing vehicles ever in one place competing against each other and against gasoline-powered cars, trucks, and bikes on the dragstrip. There will also be a large group of electric vehicle enthusiasts with their daily-driven vehicles on display at the track.

This short list of recent media coverage of NEDRA speaks for itself and provides much more information-

Front page Wall Street Journal article 8/1/07-

AP article from 7/30/07 featured in USA Today-

Four-page article from May 2007 Car and Driver Magazine-

Two great videos from the AP at NEDRA's most recent event-

Here are a couple of examples of NEDRA's battery-powered competitors-

The "KillaCycle", the world's quickest electric vehicle.
8.168 seconds @ 155.74 mph in the quarter-mile.
Vehicle Owner- Bill Dube'

The "White Zombie", the world's quickest street-legal electric vehicle.
11.466 seconds @ 114.08 mph in the quarter-mile.
Vehicle Owner- John Wayland

Come and see electric vehicles beat gas cars at their own game on the dragstrip. NEDRA racers spend pennies recharging their vehicles between rounds and our vehicles run quicker and faster as the batteries warm up during the charging and discharging process. There will be a good variety of race vehicles, conversion EVs on display, electric bikes and scooters.

Portland International Raceway website-

For additional information on this event please contact Roy LeMeur or visit www.nedra.com. See electric drag racing videos at www.plasmaboyracing.com

ABOUT NEDRA - The National Electric Drag Racing Association (NEDRA) exists to increase public awareness of electric vehicle (EV) performance and to encourage through competition, advances in electric vehicle technology. NEDRA achieves this by organizing and sanctioning safe, silent and exciting electric vehicle drag racing events.

NEDRA is a coalition of drag racing fans, electric drag racing vehicle owners and drivers, individuals interested in promoting the sport of EV drag racing, EV parts suppliers, EV manufacturers and other environmentally concerned companies and individuals. Working together as a group, we put excitement into electric vehicle drag racing.

Roy LeMeur
NEDRA NW Regional Race Director

- END -

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--- Begin Message --- NEDRA is experiencing unprecedented interest in the sport right now and we are expecting a major turnout of racers, spectators, and media at this EVent.

NEDRA invites all EV enthusiasts [hopefully _with_ their EVs] to come to these races and related get-togethers.

At the track, there is charging available if needed for EVs {there will be benches covered with familiar-looking green boxes].

All EVs are welcome to be on display in the space right next to the charging area at the track.

All EVs are welcome to be on display at our traditional Saturday morning [8/18/07] brunch/EVdisplay/show-and-tell at the Village Inn restaurant at 10301 SE Stark Street, on the corner of SE Stark and SE 103rd Drive in East Portland. Folk start to gather around 8am.

Related get-togethers and track info-

Breakfast and show+tell/EVs on display Saturday morning at the usual Village Inn on Stark. Folks start to gather around 8am. Usually continues till almost lunchtime.

At the Wayland Juice Bar, folks will be arriving all day Friday and working on race vehicles and socializing till it is time to hustle to the track [opens at 6pm, racing till midnight]

(Please contact John Wayland if you need directions to the Wayland residence [Juice Bar] [EMAIL PROTECTED])

After racing Friday, many folks gather at the diner adjacent to the track [Shari's I think] for a late meal and more socializing.

After the breakfast on Saturday, folks will gather again at the Wayland Juice Bar, again working on race vehicles and socializing till it is time to hustle to the track [opens at 6pm, racing till midnight]

Some folks usually get together for another breakfast and more talk on Sunday morning.

That pretty much covers it for the "related" EVents.

Track info-

NHRA Late Night Drags, 8/17/07 and 8/18/07 [PIR website info is incorrect], $8/All admissions, All Racers $23. Gates open at 6pm, Racing till midnite.

Directions to Portland International Raceway-

Be There!

Roy LeMeur
NEDRA Northwest Regional Director

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--- Begin Message --- In your case, the 13hp continuous rating is meaningless. You'll be running it at quite a bit more than 13hp, but not continuously. Give them the maximum horsepower you can get from it. Can you get a 30 or 60 day temporary tag? If so, you can verify it's capabilities and perhaps demonstrate it to someone in charge.


From: "Mark Eidson" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
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Subject: Re: [ElectricMotorcycles] Inspection Woes
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I just need to convice them that the vehicle is capable of high way
speeds.  What speed will the 13 HP continuous rating sustain on a bike
like this?  It is geared for 65MPH @ 5000RPM.  I agree with the 50HP
peak number which should be more than sufficient for highway use.  My
commute is 7 miles one way on 45 MPH surface streets so this is not a
real issue.  I could have some fun at stop lights though.......me

On 8/1/07, Roger Stockton <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Mark Eidson wrote:
> > If I use the formula someone suggested earlier it has a 72V x 1000A x
> > 1.341 = 96.5HP.  I guess that will be enough for highway use........
> If your goal is to come up with an impressive-sounding number to get the
> bike licensed, this will work, but it is nowhere near the power you
> actually have available.
> At 1000A, your pack will sag to something between nominal and perhaps
> half that, so something in the 36-72V ballpark.  You've got Odyssey
> AGMs, so let's be generous and assume they sag to about 50V @ 1000A.
> This gives 50kW from the battery, or about 67HP, but doesn't account for
> losses.  A rule of thumb is to assume 1000W/HP to account for losses, so
> you're down to about 50 motor HP peak (and that is likely optimistic
> since the motor is probably nearer to 60% than 80% efficient at this
> current).
> But, 1000A is the max motor current your Z1K can deliver; >350A is what
> it can sustain continuously when hot/warm.  Unless the highway portion
> of your trip is quite short, an even more realistic estimate of your
> available power is more like 24.5kW (70V * 350A) at the battery, or
> about 24.5 motor HP.
> Looking at the thermal specs for your L91-4003 motor, it looks like it
> might be able to sustain this level for about 5min without overheating.
> The 1hr rating of 15HP @ 96V suggests that the 13HP (@ 72V) you stated
> to the inspector was a realistic and honest assessment.
> However, since gas engines are rated at peak output, I think that is the
> more appropriate value to quote in this situation; either use the stated
> value of 62HP @ 96V or extrapolate based on the published 96V and 120V
> data to arrive at 52HP @ 72V a a pretty realistic estimate of the peak
> power you can get from this motor in your application.
> So, tell the inspector it is a 50-52HP peak motor, but be aware that in
> actual highway use you are likely to be limited to somewhere between
> 13-24HP maximum for any length of time, and this will impact the speed
> you can maintain during those highway jaunts.
> Cheers,
> Roger.

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