> Some time ago the From field on the EVDL feed in my Mozilla Thunderbird
> email client changed to "Electric Vehicle Discussion List".  I'm finally
> caught up more or less with the feed, but I don't believe I've seen a
> solution.

You can thank Yahoo and AOL for this state of affairs.  See the thread here :


There were many other threads about this in late April or early May, as I was 
looking for ways to keep EVDL posts flowing to Yahoo and AOL subscribers.  

If all our members using AOL, Yahoo, and possibly Microsoft mail were to switch 
to other email providers, we MIGHT be able to turn off the list configuration 
settings that deal with the problems described in the threads above.  

Even then, other email systems may follow Yahoo and AOL into this cauldron, so 
we might be back in the same boat in a few months.  

I know of no other solution.  Sorry.

David (moderator)

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