Your suggestion: a cone with a sign "EV parking only" sounds good.

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Okay, let's get our minds out of the 60s and 70s and into today's
century and the world of the EV.

I am hoping to attend the Orlando Maker Faire in September 2014 at the
Orlando Science Center. Conveniently there is a parking structure across
the street with either 2 or 3 EVSE stations on the ChargePoint network,
of which I am a card-carrying member in good standing. I've been in
communications with the two organizations and have been allowed to use
the parking garage, even though it is off-limits to exhibitors.
Apparently EV drivers qualify for one of these.

>From the photos I've been provided by the contact person and other
information, the spots are in a convenient location to be ICE'd in short
order. I plan to arrive near dawn on the Saturday of the event but
that's no assurance of an open EVSE, of course. The organizer has asked
if I think a traffic cone placed in the spot would be a good idea. She
believes that an ICE driver would be disinclined to move it, while an EV
driver would do so. I suggested that an EV driver would also believe
that the space is unavailable for an undisclosed reason.

I further suggested that the cone could have a sign atop reading "EV
parking only" and an EV driver would then move the cone to park.

That's as far as the thought processes in my alleged mind were able to
travel on this subject. I now request from the massive wisdom of the
EVDL your suggestions for affordable, easily implemented options to
prevent ICEing of an EV space, where parking space is a premium in
general. The easily implemented part is important, I believe, in the
short run, in order to make it happen that much more quickly, but it's
also possible that the Orlando Science Center would want to be aware of
a more permanent, perhaps-less-easily implemented option as well. From
our frame of reference, EV parking isn't an issue that should go away
and it should be easier to manage over the long run. I have until
September to solve my problem that may not be a problem, while the OSC
has from today onward to approach a solution.

The people with whom I have been in contact have been quite supportive
and it's a good feeling to be on the receiving end of such assistance.

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