Many large infrastructures such as bridges, as well as major
intersections *are* monitored and for good reasons. In the USA as well
as around the world.

I work in wireless communication and for many years we have provided
video backhaul for these types of applications.

Not to snoop on anyone, but to allow detection of suspicious behavior
where it can affect a lot of people, such as a critical connecting

as well as traffic flow / accidents to know when diversion/assistence is

This market was in addition to our existing markets such as connecting
ferries, yachts, trains and other mobile platforms to the internet so
you can connect

to the Wireless Hotspot onboard or watch the latest news streamed live.
Historically it was to connect people living where no wires were present
or only

an overloaded telephone switch for dial-up. Soon cars will have in-seat
entertainment with internet connectivity and cars will communicate to
each other

to avoid conflicts on the road (no more blind spot crashes or driving
into the tail of a traffic jam) as well as optimize performance,
efficiency and R&R.

One example is to have select long-distance drivers to which you can
"latch on" to form a road train and the driving is automatic until you
like to leave the "train".

That means that you do not need to pay attention and watch concrete and
steel cans for hours at end. An automated road train can minimize
inter-car spacing

to take up less space, consume less fuel (drafting) and allow the
"following drivers" to concentrate on more productive things. Maybe pay
a moderate fee like

1 penny per mile to the selected driver for the convenience, so the lead
of a good road train may recoup his/her fuel costs during that trip as

Just some ideas and quite simple to implement with the already existing
drive-by-wire in modern cars today. Certainly much easier than complete
self-driving car.

Maybe an EV is not the best platform for such a car, though I see new
developments in car manufacturing, making cars both smarter and
different propulsion

systems - I bet that a Tesla would not be too difficult to turn into
such a vehicle and Google had a reason to choose Prius to start their
experiments with the

self-driving car - it was the most computerized vehicle, including the
steering which can be affected via the CAN bus as demonstrated some time

Many drivers are now also recording their daily trips as a matter of
routine - cameras have become small and cheap enough to do this

and it avoids issues with what actually happened in case of a conflict
and in some countries, it protects against the common insurance fraude



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I am sure if we had a law enforcement surveillance network that the
police could requisition video from it.  We are however, mercifully free
of that, at least on a broad scale.


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