I might be able to get my Ford Aspire back.    But I need to go lithium.  I 
wonder what the minimum size pack I can get by with is.  I don't have much 
money.  I'll need BMS and a charger.  Might settle for a 40 mile range.  But 
bigger is better.  I have 600 pounds of lead now that are gone.  The car 
weighed 2000 pounds and change stock.  Anybody stuck with a pack to get rid of? 
 As an alternative the Aspire with amazing performance might be available for 
2000 dollars.  144vdc system.  Vacuum pump for the brakes.  Iota DC/DC. 700 amp 
modified Curtis 1221B It is currently in Santa Cruz.  Add a pack and go. 
Lawrence Rhodes http://www.evalbum.com/418  The current state is rougher but 
all there and in running condition.  Not an inch of space inside was lost in 
this conversion.  The Aspire has plenty of space for batteries and components.
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