I still run a diesel on vegetable oil.. A sort of solar vehicle if you 
extrapolate far enough. But I digress.  I replaced the voltage 
regulator/brushes in the alternator and the problem of a dead battery didn't go 
away.  However after cleaning all the obvious connections I did get the system 
to work...except when driving with the lights on.  Long story short.  The only 
place that could have caused the problem under the hood where corrosion and 
loose bolts happen is at the starter.  The protective boot was off and the 
connection was dirty and my old body and no lift didn't want to do it so I took 
it to a mechanic.  The first thing he said is I have a "weak" alternator.  
However I insisted he just do as I say and clean the connection, tighten it & 
put the boot on.  Afterward he was scratching his head and I was very pleased.  
I think it's a perfect demonstration of Ohm's Law. 
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ohm%27s_law When resistance goes up(loose
 connection) current & voltage goes down. This is expressed as heat.  Luckily 
the connection at the starter is very big and could dissipate heat but cause my 
battery to go dead with the lights on.  In our EV's it might express itself as 
a melted post in a series battery pack.  Lawrence Rhodes
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