Whoa...John  this coming from you,  a guy with a 1995 Ford F-250 weighing 4 
tons....If you had that setup in a Mazda B2000 with lithium you might have 
something.  I'm talking aerodynamics, light weight and solar.  I have questions 
about how a solar panel acts like a wing on the top of a vehicle.  Can it be 
made  into an advantage.Lawrence Rhodes

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>Subject: Odd assortment of solar vehicles and the aerodynamic ramifications of 
>solar panels as a wing.
>On Sun Mar 08 11:01:39 PDT 2015 ev@lists.evdl.org said:
>>I've been researching solar vehicles.  There is a ration of panel to size of 
>>vehicle to efficiency that is very interesting.  A couple of designs were 
>>small cars with huge solar panels.  One and I think one of the first was 
>>simply a velomobile with a flat solar panel placed on top. Two in the last 
>>few solar challenges were very odd.  One an airplane like vehicle with a 
>>large panel on top.  Another a long rectangle with an EVen larger panel 
>>mounted above and sticking out on all sides.  If anyone can chime in on the 
>>specifications of these rather odd vehicles I'd be interested.  Cruising 
>>speed,, weight, motor etc.  They seemed very practical.  Lawrence Rhodes
>From what I've seen of those, I'd change that "practical" to "impractical".
>Worlds only All Electric F-250 truck! 
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