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> And the other error in my thinking is that MFR's simply are not going to
> make a NO-FRILLS 40 mile EV this early in the game

Actually...I rather suspect that, by the time we get to a true no-frills EV 
from major manufacturers -- your archetypal base-model $15k econobox -- they'll 
come with at least 100 mile ranges, and the manufacturers simply won't offer 
them until they can sell them at a profit at that price point. And, over time, 
those ranges will rise. Eventually, you won't be able to buy an EV from a major 
manufacturer with less than a couple hundred miles of range guaranteed for the 
term of the warrantee -- just as you can't buy a gas-powered vehicle with a 
tank smaller than about eight gallons.

And those people with 40 MPG city cars with eight-gallon tanks...when was the 
last time they used more than five gallons before filling up? So isn't that 
"extra" three gallons of tank just a waste? Why not just give the cars two 
gallon tanks, since 80 miles is more than you need in a day for a commuter and 
you can top it off in just a minute at gas stations anywhere for the price of a 
pseudo-coffee beverage from Starbucks?

Yes, home charging changes the equation with EVs...but only marginally. For 
virtually all car owners today, the downsides of a range just barely more than 
their typical daily usage far outweigh any possible convenience home charging 
could ever give.

The _real_ winner is long-range EVs that you normally charge at home but can 
also get a quick charge from a rest stop. Day-to-day, you drive for free 
without ever having to go to a gas station and always start with a full 
tank...but you can also drive to grandma's on the weekends just as you would in 
a gas-powered vehicle today. That's what Tesla is working towards, and they're 
exactly right to do so. Now, if only their charging network wasn't proprietary 
and if they dropped all the control freak stuff....


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