My first step in building my solar EV is to make an efficient vehicle.  I'm 
looking at 3 wheels first to avoid problems licencing a car & losing 
weight..however when I talked to the students that made Stella they said four 
wheels wasn't the disadvantage you might think it is.  It's more about airflow 
over and under the body.  They got a fairly wide design to only use 55wh per 
mile at freeway speeds.  Is there a motor out there that is affordable that 
will work?  I'd like to run two mid sized motors.  One on each rear wheel.  The 
3 wheeler will tilt.  I'd like to get 1 hp solar panel (750 watts) on top. I'll 
be using a chromoly frame.  Not sure what to use for tires.  Bicycle possibly.  
Probably motorcycle like Honda 90 but I've been warned that motorcycle tires 
are not lrr.  I'd like to use a 10kw battery pack and have the vehicle weigh 
around 400 pounds. I want to build a skeleton and use cut plastic or Kevlar as 
body panels. I'll be making screw down points all over the vehicle.  Lawrence 
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