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> StoreDot promises electric car that charges in 5 minutes

There's some industrial-grade technobabble in that article. Be wonderful if 
there's some substance to the claims, of course, but I'm not holding my breath.

The racing crowd will certainly sit up and notice if it's true. A battery that 
can charge in five minutes can presumably discharge in five minutes, too.

The obvious questions are the usual of how you're going to move that much 
current and where it's going to come from. They're talking about something on 
the order of a megawatt, far more than any residential outlet could even 
theoretically handle. Call it 5,000 amps at 200 volts -- an hundred times the 
beefiest circuit you're likely to find in your house, and far more than what 
your utility provides you at the meter.

The only realistic option I can think of is to have two sets of batteries, one 
in the car and another in the charger. The batteries in the charger charge at 
whatever rate the wall outlet supports for however long it takes to fill them, 
and then they dump their charge into the batteries in the car at full speed. 
(And I hate to think of the connector you need to be able to not melt with that 
kind of current!)

All that applies in spades for public charging stations. You'd need a 
substation-grade power connection plus an huge bank of similar batteries. 
That's gonna be a damned expensive capital investment, and that cost will get 
passed on to those charging there, driving down demand and thus jacking the 
prices even further...hard to see how it could be profitable enough to make 
business sense.

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