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> I thought that torque was calculated/measured at the wheels

It can be measured anywhere, but is typically specified at the output shaft of 
the motor (whether electric or ICE) unless otherwise noted, for the simple 
reason that gearing changes torque. Horsepower can also be measured anywhere, 
and is generally assumed to be at the motor unless it's specified to be at the 
wheels. Both figures, of course, depend on engine RPM, and peak value is 
generally specified even though average torque tells you a lot more about what 
the engine can do than its peak.

If it's at the motor, the torque gets multiplied by whatever the final gear 
ratio is. The ICE half of my Mustang is going to have a 3.89:1 differential, 
and the engine will put out a relatively constant 400+ ft-lbs between 3000 and 
6000 RPM...which works out to about 1600 ft-pounds at the wheels in fourth 
gear, and nearly 5000 ft-pounds in first -- again, a problem in a ~3000 pound 
nose-heavy car, but a good problem to have.

When I put a dual AC-35 with ~2.5:1 reduction to a front wheel drive axle into 
the car in the next phase of the project, all-electric mode should be superior 
to what the original 260 cu. in. V8 was capable of...and hybrid mode is going 
to be insane, to use Tesla's word.

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