I want all the naysayers regarding solar panels on vehicles to look at the  
World Solar Challenge.  The Cruiser Class rules are pushing the envelope on 
practical  solar vehicles.  Progress is happening fast.  Just look at the 
creations of the students at Einhoven University of Technology.  This year's 
contestant Stella Lux is exceeding the performance of the original Stella.  The 
formula is known.   Sub 1000 pound weight.  16 kw battery.  1.5 kw solar array. 
 Cd of .16. Range  pushing 700 miles. Sure the vehicle will be ugly but look at 
the I3.   If BMW builds a car like that a solar car can't be far behind.  BTW 
the shape that will work has been around since the 1930's.   Lawrence Rhodes. 
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