You are still thinking 3000 pound conversions.  Cut the weight and cut the 
battery weight.  Get good aerodynamics.  I bet Clouds Dolphin would do great 
with a 1kw of solar. Imagine it at 1500 pounds with a small pack. Just do the 
math.  It's all about the numbers.  The lighter the vehicle the more sense 
solar on the car makes.  I've even seen VW buses done over and for a specific 
mission that works.  It's about 8 miles a day.  The guy never plugs in. Works 
for him.  So if you have a 2000 pound car instead of 55wh per mile it might be 
150wh per mile Range.  20 kw pack 600 watt solar the math.  Brings 
it down to 200 mile range and 33 hours to charge.  Lets divide 200 by 33.  That 
is 6 miles of range per hour of sitting in the sun.  Starting to get 
interesting?  For some people that is enough and you would never need to plug 
in...but you could if needed.  Somehow Stella and Stella Lux get very good CD 
with their custom roofs full of cells.  A CD of .16.  Plenty good.
  So if the manufacturers would make something like the tear drop German cars 
of the 30's you might have something.  50 miles of gain per day is great and 
many people could live on that number for their commute. Stop thinking Nissan 
Leaf and more like the I3 squished down.  Remember if you use bad CD like the 
Leaf and heavy weight solar makes no sense.  You must have a light aero 
vehicle.  Lawrence Rhodes...I lease a Leaf and it's great but it's so 20th 
Century...It's the same kind of vehicle as a Rav4 EV or the Honda EV 
Plus...Look at what aero did for the EV 1 and you can see every little bit 
helps until it's in the ball park and working. Dave Clouds Dolphin.  It's gutted and only weighs 
1200 pounds without batteries.  1980 pounds in battery weight.  This is the 
vehicle to make solar.  It might do better than my numbers.  A lot better...but 
then someone would have to do it....
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