My research differs from Lawrence' posted.
I brought up the plugshare.com web page (not the app), set their options
filter to only L3 Combo (css), and unchecked all other types of EVSE. Then I
used the mouse to zoom in on a trip from San Francisco (SF) to Los Angeles
(LA) looking at what public L3 Combo was available. I did the same thing
except I had set the plugshare web page options to only show public L3

Since the amount and type of public EVSE is constantly changing (a moving
target), I found this exercise as if I were to drive a production EV from SF
to LA, informative and interesting (I am a charging/EVSE nut).

As Lawrence had posted, Hwy101 has the L3 Combo EVSE corridor, though Hwy101
is not on the Pacific coast (Hwy1 is, and there is nil EVSE there). Hwy 101
is less in-land than Hwy 99 which runs through CA's Central Valley which is
more east, closer to the Sierra Nevada Mtns (the gold country).

Hwy 99 has the L3 CHAdeMO EVSE corridor, but from SF you have to zag
(traverse) several miles east to connect with Hwy 99. If you look at the
Plugshare listings below, you will see many of them have both L3  CHAdeMO
and Combo capability. But it only takes one site/location to not have both
to be a cramp in your L3 style (but there is always L2 to fallback on).

Recapping SF to LA EV drivers wanting:

L3 Combo EVSE, use highway 101 south

L3 CHAdeMO EVSE, use highway 99 south

Below is my plugshare research. The first section of plugshare listings are
for SF L3 Combo EV drivers going to LA on Hwy101 south.
The second section is for SF L3 CHAdeMO drivers going to LA on Hwy99 south.
Obviously the return trips are in reverse.

(Map route 222 miles total)  Begining with a L3 Combo charge in Salinas,
driving Highway 101 south:

Nob Hill Foods
EV Plug (J1772), 2 CHAdeMO DCFCs, SAE Combo DCFC EVgo
1320 S Main St, Salinas, CA 93901  18774943833
Cost EVgo membership required. $1.50 for 1 hour / Level 2 AC. $9.95 for 30
minutes / DC Fast
Hours 24/7
comments: 'ABB CCS coupler is persnickety> could not lock on, give the
handle just a little lift while locking on to the car'

Keefers Inn
SAE Combo DCFC 24 kW DC Fast, Chargepoint
615 Canal St, King City‎ CA‎ 93930  (831) 385-4843
$0.25 per kWh
Hours 24 hours 
[*46.4mi from previous L3 css EVSE]

{Optional L2 EVSE if EV has less than 90mi range
Paso Robles Inn
Sun Country EV Plug (J1772) EV60/48amp Free
1103 Spring St, Paso Robles, CA, 93446  (805) 238-2660
Cost Free 

Kon Tiki Inn
SAE Combo DCFC Chargepoint
1621 Price St, Pismo Beach, California 93449
DC Fast (Chargepoint): $3.00 Access Fee, $0.20 per kWh
Hours DC Fast: 24 Hours
Description 'For an additional fee, visitors can use the hotel's guest EVSE,
see front desk 1st'
[*91.3mi from previous L3 css EVSE]

Santa Ynez Valley Marriott
CHAdeMO DCFC, SAE Combo DCFC ChargePoint 50 kW
555 McMurray Rd, Buellton, CA 93427  (805) 688-1000
Cost $0.30/kWh
Description 101 exit 140. ChargePoint
[*51mi from previous L3 css EVSE]

Courtyard Santa Barbara Goleta
SAE Combo DCFC ChargePoint 24kW ChargePoint
401 Storke Rd, Goleta, CA 93117  (805) 968-0500
Cost $0.15 per minute (ChargePoint)
Hours 24/7/365
Description Highway 101 exit 108
[*33.6mi from previous L3 css EVSE]

(Map 372 miles total) Begining with a L3 CHAdeMO charge in Gilroy, driving
Highway 99 south:

Gilroy Premium Outlets
2 EV Plug (J1772)s, 2 CHAdeMO DCFCs, 2 SAE Combo DCFCs  Blink & eVgo
681 Leavesley Rd., Gilroy, CA, 95020 (408) 842-3729
Cost $0.49/kwh Blink L2. $9.95 for 30 minutes / DC Fast NRG EVgo
Hours 24/7

{Optional L2 EVSE if EV has less than 90mi range, a 4hr charge might get you
to Fresno so you could skip the L3 at Atwater below
Madera Amtrak
2 EV Plug (J1772) ChargePoint
18770 Road 26 Madera‎ CA‎ 93638 United States
Cost First 4 hours free, then $3/hr afterward
Hours 24 hours 

Applegate Plaza
EV Plug (J1772), 2 CHAdeMO DCFCs, SAE Combo DCFC eVgo
1264 Commerce Ave, Atwater, CA 95301  (877) 455-3833
Cost eVgo membership required
Description Highway 99 exit 195
[*83.5mi from previous L3 CHAdeMO EVSE]

Fashion Fair Mall
EV Plug (J1772), 2 CHAdeMO DCFCs, SAE Combo DCFC eVgo
563 E Shaw Ave Fresno, CA 93710  (877) 455-3833
Cost eVgo membership required
Hours 24/7
Description Highway 41 exit 132
[*65.9mi from previous L3 CHAdeMO EVSE]

Nissan of Visalia
2 EV Plug (J1772)s, CHAdeMO DCFC eVgo
830 S Ben Maddox Way, Visalia, CA 93292  (877) 455-3833
Cost $9.95 for up to 30 mins on Level 3 DC; Level 2 is free
Hours Business Hours: Monday - Friday 9:00 AM - 8:00 PM Saturday 9:00 AM -
7:00 PM Sunday 11:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Description Highway 198 exit 107B (Ben Maddox Way)
[*50.3mi from previous L3 CHAdeMO EVSE]

{Optional L2 EVSE if EV has less than 90mi range
Delano Regional Medical Center
EV Plug (J1772) SemaCharge
1401 Garces Highway Delano, CA 93215  (661) 725-4800
Hours 24/7
Description Two SemaConnect chargers in the employee lot on the right as you
drive in main entrance. Units face a long row of Dr. Only parking spaces
that are rarely full, parking directly behind the chargers and accessible to
them is employee only parking. No EV-only signage; many potentially useful
spaces ICEd but Dr. parking was never full. Use Semacharge RFID card, or Pay
w/PlugShare and you have to switch on the breaker under the gray box
attached to the unit to get power. There does not appear to be a fee. 

Bakersfield Nissan
EV Plug (J1772), CHAdeMO DCFC
2800 Pacheco Rd, Bakersfield CA 93313  (661) 835-8600
Hours Monday thru Friday 9:00am till 9:00pm Saturday 9:00am till 8:00pm
Sunday 10:00am till 7:00pm
Description 24 hour access via service entrance
[*84.7mi from previous L3 CHAdeMO EVSE]

{Optional L2 EVSE if EV has less than 90mi range
Tehachapi City Hall
2 EV Plug (J1772)s ChargePoint 6.6kW Shared
115 S Robinson St Tehachapi, CA 93561 (661) 822-2200
Cost $0.35/kWh
Hours 24/7

Museum of Art and History
665 W Lancaster Blvd Lancaster, CA 93534  (877) 455-3833
Cost 24 hours daily; eVgo network subscription and key fob required
Hours 24/7
[*87.9mi from previous L3 CHAdeMO EVSE]

As always it is important for a driver planning to take a long trip to read
the comments of each of the plugshare listing site they plan to use. Those
comments can tell a lot of issues, concerns, and how-to's to get the charge
they want.

In the past with the huge void in public EVSE, this type of trip was a
serious challenge for non Tesla EV drivers. Now, it is a different story.
Both the L3 and L2 EVSE is much more available.

*But the driver does have-to do their home work on a long trip of what EVSE
network rfid cards to bring (eVgo, ChargePoint, Blink) and or what their
associated telephone numbers are to call to pay turn to turn them on.

There were wide-gaps (over 60mi) between some sites, which would knock EVs
that do not have that range. But I think that is not as serious a challenge
as Lawrence' post was worded. A two hour L2 charge in-between would likely
allow the driver to get a meal and the trip to continue.

Yes, I too have also stated what Lawrence did. The layout of public EVSE has
been done not with input from the drivers that will use it, but for some
other (profitable) reasons. Thus instead of public EVSE being first
installed as a contiguous chain so driver can get from point a to b and
back, there are too many too close together that few use (so the media
complains lack of use), and not enough where it is needed to reach
Yes, I agree public CA EVSE was installed bass-ackwards [

Bottom Line: If you look at the miles between L3 EVSE, it is less about
range angst, and more about having the range to overcome stupidly installed
public EVSE (not the fault of the EV, but is the fault of EVSE installers).
*** Put public EVSE where it is really needed first
(in a contiguous chain ~50 energy-miles apart at and between major

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It looks like if you drive a SAE fast charge car you are limited to the 101
freeway along the coast.  If you drive Chademo you must take the 99 freeway
through Bakersfield.  There are gaps in both systems on either route. 
Chademo Salinas to Solvang 193 miles.  SAE Fresno to Sherman Oaks 207 miles. 
I was looking at a map of stations on Plugshare and all across the country
there are huge gaps with the fast chargers concentrated in urban centers. 
Exactly the opposite of how it should be.  Lawrence Rhodes

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