There is simply no way a viable, fully enclosed, highway capable,
electric vehicle ( that can pass safety tests ) can do anywhere near
55wh per mile.

This statement is so wrong.  You simply have not been paying attention.  The 
Tesla Cruiser Class in which Stella and now the new winner for 2015 Stella Lux 
compete.  Notice the name.  It is now sponsored by Tesla.  The whole World 
Solar Challenge is sponsored by Bridgestone Tires.
This vehicle has a full roll bar and 5 point harnesses.  It is much safer than 
my Leaf.  It also had a State of Michigan license plate for the trip in the 
USA.  The interview was done last year at the Dutch Consulate in San Francisco. 
Lawrence Rhodes
 Original Stella which in 3 photos you can see my blue bicycle.  You could say 
I'm a fan boy of electric vehicles.  In 1997 I viewed the record breaking 1000 
mile run by Kummerow've 
been doing this for a while.
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