Anyone know if pack swapping was on the mind of the Leaf engineers? I heard it 
used the same cells as the Better Place 24 kwh packs that were definitely 
designed with swapping in mind. Different packaging though. IIRC, those BP 
packs were eventually sold for about $2500 each when they finally got through 
the salvage auction process.

As for thermal management, I believe the 2012 is the first Leaf to have a 
rudimentary thermal control in terms of a minimal battery heater that kicks in 
at -4 C. I think it'd be more helpful if it started at a higher temp. Both 2011 
and 2012 are known to experience capacity loss, as well as some 2013s. There is 
more detailed info on the MyNissanleaf forum.

On May 29, 2016 6:45:42 PM CDT, Peri Hartman via EV <> wrote:
>Fascinating, Cor.
>I wonder if Nissan designed the car to take advantage of the structural
>properties of the battery case.  It seems that one could design a 
>chassis that *is* the battery case and put a body on top of it.  Let 
>your imagination run, here.  I assume they did that to some extent but
>bet there's room for quite a bit of weight optimization.
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>>You hit it on the head, I was afraid that the wrecker guys would just
>>drop the pack on the ground in the parking lot or even chase me off
>>their property and dump it in the street on the hot asphalt, but they
>>were really cool with it, parking this cart in a corner of their lot
>>under a tree so I did not get the full brunt of the 93 deg weather 
>>slaving through the hot hours of the day, it was almost 3 hours drive
>>away (near Sacramento) so even though I left early in the morning, the
>>holiday weekend traffic caused me to arrive around 10:30 and they 
>>some time to pull the Leaf from storage and find the pack.
>>Funny story: I had paid for and was waiting for them to bring the pack
>>out, then the workshop guy comes to the front desk: Where *is* the
>>battery on the Leaf? So I explained: under the car. I actually walked
>>back with him, he raised the forklift tines enough that we could peek
>>under the car and I pointed to the area between the 4 wheels and said:
>>there it is.
>>He also was a little hesitant for dealing with the high voltage, so I
>>asked him: did you pull the 12V battery out (I could see that it was
>>gone from under the also missing hood) and explained that the high
>>voltage can only come out when 12V power is applied to the relays that
>>disconnect when the car is not in use.
>>After that he was happy to unbolt the pack, disconnect the plugs and
>>cart it out for me to work on.
>>At the end of the lunchtime he dropped by again to look at the
>>of the pack with the words "you learn something every day" and I like
>>that attitude.
>>Indeed the shell is quite heavy. The top is single layer of sheet
>>and probably around 40 lbs because I could carry it with some effort,
>>the bottom I did not handle more than shifting it a bit on the cart, 
>>seeing that it is double walled with some reinforcements, it must be
>>least double the top shell so likely around 80-100 lbs.
>>This means that the entire battery pack in its enclosure is likely
>>heavier than the weight of the modules, which in itself are 4 cells in
>>metal jacket.
>>BTW, I did put a short description with every pic so you have an idea
>>what they are about, unfortunately the upload feature of Flickr put 
>>in the wrong order, you see them from end to start.
>>I don't have a blog to give the story with the pics but I did post
>>as public to be able to share the innards of a Leaf pack. Looks very
>>well done.
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>>Phew! That's a full days work! At least that cart put it up at a nice
>>working height so you didn't have to stoop over all day....
>>On 05/29/2016 03:18 AM, Cor van de Water via EV wrote:
>>>  Today I bought a 2011 Leaf battery pack and completely
>>>  to take it home in my Prius,
>>>  the shell was too wide to fit in the car.
>>>  Also I was by myself and had no help lifting, each module is over 8
>>>  and there are 48 in a pack
>>>  so about 400 lbs in cells alone, besides the compression plates,
>>>  contactors, service disconnect,
>>>  bus bars and hundreds of bolts. And of course the steel shell
>>>  So, I disassembled the pack in the parking lot of the recycler and
>>>  several pics of the process.
>>>  You can enjoy them here:
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