EVLN: MX ice to auto-electrico (EV) conversion achieves significant saving$
Traditional engine cars have been converted to electric vehicles by Mexican
company High Performance Automotive (HPA), claiming the process is much ...
EVLN: Electric car races over ice caps to highlight climate change (v)
Formula E Electric car races over ice caps ...
EVLN: 1341hp 4e-motor Prometheus EV R&D ts:350kph 0-100kph:2s
An Italian firm by the name of Zava claims to be developing an electric car
capable of accelerating from 0-62 mph in 2.0 seconds ... promising a
1341-horsepower electric car

ChargePoint,VW,BMW team up to ccs saturate U.S. highways every 50mi
BMW, Volkswagen, and ChargePoint Massively Grow Electric Car ...
Are you the proud owner of a non-Tesla electric car who has a bad case of
range-anxiety? ChargePoint, Volkswagen, and BMW have teamed up to saturate
... Install About 100 EV Charging Stations Along Coastal Highways In The US
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