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Nissan Leaf will get a 40 kWh battery this year
JULY 15, 2016

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Rumor: Leaf 2017 to get 40kWh
[comments] Jul 13, 2016  kensiko This is a rumor that we heard from a few
dealers. The Leaf 2017 will get an upgraded battery pack to 40 kWh in
november. Base S will get the 30 kWh version as early as next month.

jjeff  So would the 40kWh battery fit in the same space? If not I wonder
where the extra bulk will fit.....Now if Nissan will only get busy and start
importing the eNV200, that with a 40kWh would be perfect for me  8-)

LeafMuranoDriver  Makes sense if they aren't going to the 2nd Gen [Leaf]
until 2018.
I'm guessing they'll be able to fit the 40 [kWh pack] in the same size of
the 30 ...

DaveinOlyWA  well a statement with no supporting links definitely qualifies
as a rumor.

kensiko  I'll give you that. The rest is on Facebook Ma Leaf Ma passion, all
in French ...
 [ ... +more]

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Re: true or false 40kw battery
Fran├žois Viau  [forum] Administrator
I have doubts too, but the information comes from different vendors who have
had this information at an official meeting Sales from NIssan Canada. I
spoke directly with one of them who says hard like iron this: 

Leaf S 2016: the next batch (delivery July 2016) will have a 30 kWh battery 
2017 Leaf SV & SL: Even bodywork, a few minor changes and new battery 40 kWh 
Leaf 2018: Complete overhaul with new battery of 60 kWh 

So ... it is still just rumors, yes, but based on more than a person who
reports the same information. 

Nissan is usually very stingy on ads. So if you see soon disembark Leaf S
2016 with a battery of 30 kWh, you say there is a good chance that the rest
is true. 

Whatever this is all very exciting, one question remains omnipresent: AT

Nissan Tests Longer Range, 48-kWh LEAF at ECOseries
3 years ago (2013)

% I found an UPDATE to the Leaf gen2 dated a month ago: %

Update on the Nissan Leaf 40 kWh story
Aug 11, 2016 ... 40 kWh is the usable battery capacity ... The total battery
capacity should be 45-46 kWh for the Nissan Leaf and the Renault Zoe R400

% The wording reads like when the 40kWh pack is made available, the 21kWh
pack will be dropped, the 30kWh pack will shift down to only be offered on
the S trim, and the SV and SL trims will offer the 40kWh pack. But we will
have to wait for these options. For now, current (today) Leaf options are: 
 cheaper S trim 21kWh, SV&SL trims 30kWh packs, see



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