Dealership picks up award for sales of electric cars
September 17, 2016  Steve MacNaull

Kelowna Infiniti Nissan general manager Mike Oughtred will accept a Green
Star Dealer Award on Saturday morning for selling the most fully-electric
cars in the Okanagan. Oughtred is pictured here with the fully-electric
Nissan Leaf

Electric cars selling well
For selling the most electric cars in the Okanagan, Kelowna Infiniti Nissan
is picking up the Green Star Dealer Award.

“The fully-electric Nissan Leaf is a small part of our business, but it’s
growing and we did sell the most electric cars in the Valley,” said Kelowna
Infiniti Nissan general manager Mike Oughtred.

“Nissan is really an industry leader when it comes to fully-electric cars.
The Leaf has an electric motor that can go 160 kilometres on a full charge.
And because it has an electric motor, it has immediate torque and is fun
little car to drive.”

The award is handed out annually by the New Car Dealers Association of B.C.
to recognize dealerships with strong clean-energy car sales.

Kelowna Infiniti Nissan received its Green Star Dealer Award on Saturday
morning in a ceremony B.C. Agriculture Minister and Kelowna-Lake Country MLA
Norm Letnick attended.

He represented the provincial government, which offers an immediate rebate
of $5,000 to electric car buyers.

Nissan also offers rebates on the Leaf, so that when it’s all tallied up,
the electric car, which has a recommended price of around $43,000, is
knocked down to about $33,000.

That’s still more expensive than a comparable new car with a gasoline
But owners of an electric car spend no money on gas for the life of the
vehicle and have the satisfaction of owning a vehicle that doesn’t pollute,
doesn’t use fossil fuels and doesn’t contribute greenhouse gases to the

The Nissan Leaf can be fully charged overnight using a standard 110-volt
electric outlet [?!?] and cord, or topped up quicker with using a 220-volt
outlet and cord.

With a range of 160 kilometres on a full charge [?!?], the Leaf is an
around-town car, not a drive-the-highway-to-Vancouver car.

However, Nissan is working on technology, including solar-charged batteries
[?!?], that can extend the range.

The Leaf’s electric motor is naturally extremely quiet.
While that’s seen as a bonus by many, Nissan has had to install an audible
sound when the car is running so pedestrians can hear it.
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Canadian Leaf trims & specs
21kwh Leaf recharging (21+hrs recharge time on L1 EVSE, 8+hrs on L2-3kW)
Leaf range (21kWh S trim: r:135km; 30kWh SL& SV trims: r:172km)
(the 5w solar panel on rear spoiler is a token, doesn't charge the main

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