I saw a burned-out Leaf in a tow yard and asked what caused the interior
(The contents of the motor bay are fine, so if anyone is interested in a
2011 Leaf motor, inverter, front suspension, brake controller, ..., then
let me know!
The front bumper and radiators and lights are gone.)

It had an after-market secondary battery pack added in the trunk,
probably by a hobbyist or someone building a prototype.
There was a 97 wire loom coming out of the Leaf battery pack that fed
into the auxiliary pack in the trunk, plus two high voltage/high current
wires for the power.
The auxiliary pack consisted of 18650 style cells in a wooden box in the
trunk. The maker of this FrankenLeaf apparently wanted to avoid a BMS
for the aux pack
and thus wired all the Aux cells in parallel to the Leaf's 96 cell
series string.
My strong suspicion is that the failure occurred due to the Leaf BMS not
being capable to balance the difference in self-discharge between the
18650 cells, because good quality cells have low discharge, but
cheap/faulty cells might have high self-discharge and a large variation
from cell to cell. The result of imbalance is that cells get
over-charged or -discharged although the Leaf BMS should protect from
that, but other causes of failure may be a cell shorting, causing the
attached Leaf's module to dump all its energy into that failure, or an
auxiliary charger that was not under control of the Leaf's BMS, so it
could continue to charge until the car caught on fire....
Anybody know who was the owner of this black 2011 Leaf with auxiliary
battery pack, the fire probably happened in north Sunnyvale, California?

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