Local tow yard has a 2011 Leaf with interior fire damage, due to the
trying to extend the range by installing a battery pack in the trunk.
The interior fire did not spread beyond the firewall, so the motor,
suspension and other components between firewall and front bumper are
The bumper, charging port and fenders have already been removed by
someone who is
repairing a front end accident. The hood is severely damaged by
firefighters to cut 12V power.
The cable from inverter to battery seems to be OK, as well as the
connection to the CHAdeMO
connectors, the charging plug itself is gone.
The onboard charger is not available, since the 2011 Leaf has it behind
the rear seat.
Let me know if you are looking for any Leaf parts from under the hood.
My location is Silicon Valley, California.

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Chief Scientist 
Proxim Wireless 
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