EVLN: Musk thinks GM is slow& missing an opportunity> there won't be enough
Bolt EVs
Elon Musk Thinks GM Isn't Making Enough All-Electric Chevrolet Bolts
The nascent market for long-range all-electric cars is often viewed a
zero-sum game, prompting headlines heralding the latest electric-vehicle
unveilings as ...
EVLN: How to steal a Tesla> hack w/ an Android app to track,unlock,steal w/o
keys (v)
Tesla Model S hack uses Android app exploit to steal car
By compromising the car's companion smartphone application, they used a
laptop to remotely unlock the doors, start the electric car and 'steal' it
from a ...

brucedp Tesla Supercharger Added To Network, Begins Adelaide Station
This week, the Californian EV maker is already making good on that promise
in Australia, with the announcement of three new Supercharging stations
along ...
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