EVLN: (VW -pr- noise)> 110kWh Buzz e-microbus r:600km ts:160kph
Volkswagen Builds Yet Another Electric Microbus Concept ...
The I.D Buzz ... May Arrive ... is expected to reach production by 2022 ...
throwbacks it NEVER INTENDS TO SELL ...
EVLN: GM Bolt EV Broken Promises On The Trot> (Why is GM chronically
The Chevrolet Bolt is easily the best EV car money can buy today but it is
not delivering the promises made by parent company, GM. If you are to look
back at all ...
EVLN: Bong's push for green e-tourism > (just like in Vietnam)
BUILDERS and makers of electric-powered vehicles in the country are pushing
for the use of “green-transport” program aimed at providing
environment-friendly ...

OT: UCR swarming& flocking algorithms overcome pih EMS shortfalls> 30%
New technology will cut plug-in hybrid fuel consumption by one third
Xuewei Qi and a team of UCR researchers are using vehicle connectivity and
evolutionary algorithms to improve the efficiency of Plug-In Hybrid Electric
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