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I know an EV is not designed to pull a travel trailer.
But this very expensive tear-drop design claims 25% the towing drag of a
conventional tailer.


In 2013, shortly after I bought my Tesla, I bought one of these:
At that time, I had no faith that the SuperCharger system would be built out as it has and I wanted to be able to tour the country and be comfortable while waiting out RV park charges. This teardrop was the most attractively priced at the time. Others were typically up to $10k and mine was about $4k. I ended up going to Wisconsin (from Texas) to pick it up. At that time, there were no SuperChargers between Corsicana Texas and Normal Illinois. Between those two SuperChargers, about three RV park charges were required going up. Quite a few photos are posted on that trip:
WAY down the list.

My plans came to nothing for two reasons:
1) The SuperCharger network WAS built out.  Much to my glee.
2) The trailer sucked more energy than I imagined. The range was up to 250 miles without the trailer and about 150 with the trailer; nearly twice the number of charging stops were required. I looked into LRR tires and found none in the size to fit the wheels. I did not get so far as to shop for replacement wheels.

The trailer did serve it's purpose well, mostly on the trip back from Wisconsin. The trip back required about six RV park stops. I would plug the trailer into the 120vac outlets provided at RV parks and run an electric heater and computer stuff. And sleep comfortably. I had done quite a bit of sleeping in the car on other trips; hence the stimulation to get the trailer. I did much of my Google+ posting for that trip from wifi at RV parks. As well as email, etc.

Tesla power for pulling the trailer is way more than sufficient. I did tend to go as slow as possible to conserve energy. 50-60 mph, generally.

I have pulled other trailers with both my Leaf and imievs. Up to 1500 pounds. The hitches available for those cars are rated for 2000 pounds. Power on all EVs has been fine. With low trailers, less than 1000 pounds, on the imievs, extra energy loss is barely noticeable. Some imiev trailer pulling photos can be found at the above Google+ URL. The teardrop is supposed to weight about 800 pounds as configured (without battery, spare, air conditioner, etc.

Incidentally, I just returned from a Big Bend trip. Will probably make another post on it here. If there is any interest. Short story: It is possible/likely I am the first EV visitor to the park.

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