EVLN: Tesla Model Y will follow Model 3 in 2018> (w/ a higher price than the
#Tesla is set to increase its electric vehicle lineup with a new small SUV,
slotting under the Model X. Set to be called the Model Y, the new SUV is set
to fill out ...
EVLN: VW isn't saying merger> (FCA is last @the bar& still trying to hookup)
Volkswagen isn't saying no to FCA merger idea
Volkswagen already has a dedicated battery-electric vehicle platform, and it
plans to release some 30 different EVs across its various brands within the
next ...
EVLN: Mia-derived BIL-Libner delivery-nEV rides inside semi-trailer r:122km
ts:50kph (v)
BIL Libner, the electric hides in the delivery truck
Many downtown areas restrict their access to delivery trucks. Libner ...
solves the problem by integrating a small ...  the last kilometer solution
EVLN: CAR TALK's Click-n-Clack sez EVs, overall, are Earth-friendly
Dear Car Talk: I recently began driving an all-electric car, thinking I was
reducing the negative environmental impact of driving. A co-worker has
confronted me ...

Tesla-X torque& human’s reaction> short acceleration escape from being
rear-ended (v)
Watch a Tesla owner escape a crash thanks to his Model X's instant ...
torque of electric vehicles is not only great because it's fun, but ...
safer if you know how to use it ...
Dozens of U.S. cities spend $10B on EVs to Defy Donald& Demonstrate Demand
Cities Shop for $10 Billion of Electric Vehicles to Defy Trump
Dozens of U.S. cities are willing to buy $10 billion of electric cars and
trucks to show skeptical automakers there's demand for low-emission
vehicles, just as ...
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