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> Mark,
> A spare is certainly good advice but on my I-Miev that would mean 2 spares
> since the front and rear tires are different sizes.  Hence spares are not
> included; they only give you a can of fix-a-flat type stuff.

​On the i-MiEV, not only are the front and rear tires different sizes, the
wheels are different widths.  And neither will even mount​ on the other end
of the car, because of some adapter-spacer thingy that prevents it.  And
even if you get past all of that, the front and rear rolling diameters must
be proportionally different by just the right amount, or the ABS has a
hissy fit, stops working and lights up the dash like a Christmas tree.
 (Dunlop and Yokohama are the only mfrs that make matched sets.
Continental appears to, but if you try you will get the scenario described

That fix-a-flat stuff is a royal pain in the heiny, and something you
should never subject a tire repairman to.  I replaced that with a tire plug
kit.  Still working on a way to get a small scissors jack in there so you
can at least get the wheel off the car.

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