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Factory EV 2002 Toyota Rav4EV on the market
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- 1st, read all the detail of this used production EV on

IMO, the RAV4-EV(gen1) was a good EV. Many of the former GM EV1-club members
jumped ship (switched) to the that production EV when their EV1 was ripped
away from them to be unnecessarily destroyed by GM (see the movie, Who
killed the ... WKTEC

The most important issues I would have with owning this nice EV:
- pack replacement (see the source link below)
- need to carry with you your large external inductive charger (do not buy
the RAV4-EV_gen1 without its external charger - this EV4sale the charger is
-You would need to have a conversion adaptor to pull j1772 power from
today's charging standard, to power the old inductive (tal 2000) charger, to
recharge the EV at a 6kW rate. Else you can not charge at public EVSE.
- range will vary as these EV's packs will be quite used/tired.
- the EV is a factory-converted from a RAV4-ice, so the EV is not as
efficient as a purpose-built EV. You will be pushing air resistance at
highway speeds, so range will be less at 55+ speeds. When its NiMHi battery
pack was new, it only had a 75+ mile range at 55mph, 90mi if you could stay
at 35mph.

The perks of owning this older EV over getting an older used Leaf EV, would
be bragging-rights of driving a perfectly good, classic EV that could have,
and should have gone main stream if it weren't for automaker's sabotage
efforts of the EV-cause / CARB ZEV mandate way back in the 2000s. By keeping
this EV up and running on public roads, you are a thorn in Toyota's

Here are some links to explore:

The RAV4 EV is an all-electric version of the popular RAV4 SUV produced by
Toyota. .... In March 2002, due to a shift in corporate policy, the Toyota
RAV4-EV was made available for sale to the general public. All 328 that
Toyota made were ...

Toyota Rav4 EV Forum - 1st generation RAV4 EV, 1997 ...

RAV4-EV -- Toyota RAV4 EV Owners  (discussion list)

Battery M.D. ... battery repair company ...

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