EVLN: BMW Is "virtual-reality goggle" Scaring Its Staff Into Loving EVs (v)
BMW Invokes Fear Factor to Rally Troops in Pivot to Electrics ...
“We're in the midst of an electric assault... We’re either part of this
shift or it goes on without us” ...
EVLN: GM sez 3,492 U.S. Bolt EV owners have driven 4,570,300mi
GM's production or delivery ramp up for the Chevy Bolt EV, its only
all-electric vehicle built from the ground up, has been surprisingly slow
since the launch in ...
EVLN: Kia,Hyundai pr noise> making Fully Electric Car Chassis
According to Lee, Hyundai's electric car platform will have enough space to
accommodate the battery pack underneath the floor of its electric vehicles.
This will ...

EVent: EVs & pih ride-n-drive @Niagara Falls State Park 10a-3p 5/9
Niagara Falls State Park to host ride-and-drive event featuring clean fuel
All featured vehicles and equipment are powered by a variety of ...
Midwest utilities push ice-ratepayers 2fund their public EVSE profits> (bad
biz model)
Electric utilities in the Midwest want to develop electric-vehicle charging
stations but are finding it difficult to get regulators to approve them, a
policy that ... will cost $8.1 million. The plan involves a customer
surcharge ...
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