Bruce, others,
If you have any questions about the pictures and description then let me
I found this Leaf at a local tow yard and salvaged the parts from under
the hood
As they were protected by the firewall from the fire in the car.
The car is from local, but I have not traced the former owner though the
Tow yard guy said that he picked up the car locally (Sunnyvale) after
the fire.
I determined the root cause of the (rain water splashed up by the rear
Seeping into the original Leaf battery box through the hole that was cut
in the
Side to allow the 100-wire bundle for the extender pack of 18650 cells
in the trunk)

The Youtube "movie" was made from pics taken by me and a fellow EV'er
who helped
To salvage the motor parts from the car.

I dropped off that heavily damaged battery pack with the local Nissan
Dealer who still accepted it
For recycling, because the original sticker on the battery enclosure was
still readable...


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