EVLN: Complacent Leaf execs talk 200mi range in 2yrs> (public wants it now)
Kazuo Yajima, head of electric vehicles for Nissan and Renault, recently
discussed the electric range expectations for the new Leaf and future
vehicles on the ...
EVLN: 1st look at Tesla Model 3's final dashboard design
Tesla's mass production electric vehicle — the Model 3 sedan is scheduled to
start shipping in September. The automaker currently seems to be heavily ...
EVLN: fc-tech used to 'Pump Up the Jam'> 1000km/620mi stack of cells into a
li-ion pack
Innovative Battery Stacking Can Increase the Travel Distance of  Electric
Thus, more number of batteries can be assembled into the electric vehicle.
The direct connection of the stacked cells enables the current to flow
across the entire ...

EVjobs: 1000+ jobs @EUR1.13B Chinese premium EV factory in
BERLIN -- China's Beijing WKW Automotive Parts Co. is betting on the future
of electric mobility in Germany with a billion-euro factory. Beijing WKW
will invest as ...
$16k Mini Moke gets reborn as a nEV> (seen in 'The Monkees' reruns)
 ... Moke’s simple and open design made it popular with the beach crowd and
it had many fans in America where the beach buggy craze had started ... the
police even used it as a patrol car …
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