EVLN: Tesla to Use Ultra-Quick P100D S& X EVs as Loaners> to impress its car
Tesla CEO Elon Musk said on Wednesday that his electric car company's fleet
of service loaners will soon be loaded with top-level P100D-model cars ...
EVLN: Tassie Leaf'r got EV as 80th-Bday gift from son> charges off 30kW home
Why one man got his first electric car at 80
John Allason hopes fully electric cars will one day be as regular a sight as
mobile phones. He got his first electric car five months ago — when he
turned 80 ...
EVLN: NZ's first Electric waste collection vehicle operating w/ Countdown
supermarkets (v)
Auckland  The first electric vehicle to be used exclusively for waste ... As
a business monitoring our own carbon emissions, using an EV to handle what

HB2514> $250 OR-sales-rep-bonus 4each-EV-sold> (Tesla reps exempt)
Oregon Considers Paying Car Salespeople Extra To Sell EVs
Car salespeople in Oregon stand to get a bonus from the state for each
all-electric vehicle sold. That would happen if legislation Oregon's state
senate is mulling ...
EVs for the "gig economy"> Time to ditch the horse-and-buggy car designs
Change will be necessary in our 100-year-old car culture as more electric
... Energy efficiency is fundamental to an EV owner for maximum driving
range ...
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